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Preparing for Primary 1- First Day of School(Part Four)

Taken on the 1st day of school

Jan 3rd 2011 was the day which marked the start of Monkey Boy’s 1st day in Primary 1. It was a really important day for both him and me. It was a reminder to me that my little boy has grown up and reach another important milestone in his life. For him it was the start of his academic life as a student in a large establishment ( school) of more then 1500 pupils.

It’s a vast difference for him to have 30 students in his class as compared to only 5 pupils in Kindergarten 2. He will not be getting all the attention from the teachers like he used to get in Kindergarten also he would have much more to cope with on a daily basis.

I was worried if he would be able to adapt to the changes and learn how to cope with the new timetable. Luckily my fears were unfounded and Monkey Boy was able to adapt to the new environment quite easily.

Both of us started preparing for the 1st day of school about a month before. After the orientation in November 2010 we purchased the necessary stationary and books and got him a brand new schoolbag. We also got 2 sets of school uniforms and another 2 sets of PE- attire and school shoes to go alone with it.

I labelled all of his books for him and wrapped them in plastic so that they could remain in their pristine condition longer.  Monkey boy also got a new wallet and lunch box for school during the December holidays.

After much discussion it was decided that Monkey Boy was only allowed to buy food the maximum 2 times a week from the school canteen and on other days he was to bring the food that was packed for him. Food sold in the school canteen isn’t really that healthy and the portions are rather small. I want to ensure that he is getting sufficient nutrition for his age so he has to bring food from home and pack it in his lunch box by himself. He too was in charge of washing and polishing his own school shoes as now at 7 yrs old he has to have more responsibilities around the house

How was your child’s 1st day of school?

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  2. What is expected of your child.
  3. Before  Primary 1
  4. Preparation for the 1st day of School


Preparing for Primary One- Before Primary One

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Prior to being in primary school I sent Monkey Boy to both nursery and kindergarten. I feel that it is important that he get use to a formal learning environment before he enters primary school. I also wanted him to learn how to get along with other kids and learn from other teachers besides me.

Besides sending Monkey boy for academic classes I enrolled him in piano and swimming as I feel that it’s important to help nurture his right brain through music and physical prowess through sports. Swimming is a must for my kids as it’s a lifesaving skill which  may come in very handy as we are living in an island state.

Before entering primary one Monkey boy is expected to know  more than his ABCs and 123s.  It is assumed that he knows the following



  • Classification of verbs (eg. jump, walk, crawl) and nouns (eg. aeroplane, house, shopping centre)

Grammar and Punctuation

  • Singularity and plurality, adjectives, pronouns, possessives
  • Present and past tense

Written Expression

  • simple descriptive sentences for composition writing (Eg, Jane is wearing a red blouse and blue jeans.
  • penmanship- legibility of words written given a specific passage.  (I’m personally not too concerned if Monkey Boy’s writing is not print perfect. It is more important to me that he and the teachers understand what he is writing. )

Oral and Show and Tell:

  • Formal tests involving:
    • Reading of a passage in the presence of the examiner
    • Discuss the events depicted in a picture with the examiner
    • Develop and present materials for a presentation to the class based on topics chosen by the teacher (eg. “My Favourite Toy”)
    • Having a dialogue with the examiner based on a given scenario.
      ( *This is something new which will be slowly introduced to the students to prepare them for the changes which will be implemented during PSLE in the coming years. )
    • Students will be graded based on clarity of delivery and content.


  • Addition and Subtraction up to 20
  • Multiplication in 2s, 5s and 10s
  • sequencing and number bonds
  • completing 2 step questions and problem sums


It’s quite a fair bit but all these are tested during the 1st semester of  Primary one so I have two years to get Doggie Boy ready before he gets to Primary one.

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