wordful/wordless wednesday

Swinging Around and Having Fun

Tiger girl enjoying the swing

Tiger girl enjoying the swing

This is Tiger girl’s favourite place in the park is at the  bucket swings. She loves being pushed in it and  swinging up and down.

Not all the parks that we go to have swings and she particularly loves this swing over at Pasir Ris Park.  She likes to feel the wind in her face and flying back and forward going higher and higher up as we push her from behind.

Do you kids love the swings too?

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A Visit to King Sejong Exhibition

King Sejong

King Sejong was the first king of Korea. We stumbled upon this exhibition while en-route to the the Gyeongbokgung Palace. Unfortunately the palace was closed on the day of our visit and we didn’t get to view the place. It was lucky that we got to view the exhibition or it certainly would be a wasted trip out that day.

the palace

The palace gates on the other side of the road. Love the mountain in the background.


Dioramas of Ancient Korea. They were made of clay and really life like.

Ancient textAn ancient Korean book


The country has really evolved a lot since it was first founded.