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SOC: Junk in your Beef

This week I’ve seen some really disturbing videos. It got me thinking of how terrible it is that retailers are exploiting one’s health in the name of  profit. If you have seen Jamie Oliver’s clip above on how ” Grounded Beef” is made with Ammonia and that it is in about 80% of all beef patties and processed food. It’s really disgusting how some people give zero value  to other people’s lives and willingly sacrifice  the other person’s health just to make more profits.  I have heard about so many fake products made in China and now there are fake meats in USA too!!

I know that in China there is fake milk formula, pork being passed off as beef, fake eggs and a whole list of chemically created food. It got me wondering what foods are safe for consumption then?  Is it possible that there are fake vegetables and seafood too?? Or  just that they haven’t been called out and identified by the whistle blowers yet.  That’s a really scary thought.

I guess from now onwards I need to be more stringent on what foods enter our mouths and to check thoroughly the source and ingredients used in making it. I’ll start by removing all the sweets and questionable stuff that we have in our kitchen.



Writer’s Workshop: Parents -In-Laws

Family Photos

I was extremely nervous when I met  my in-laws for the first time. We have been dating for about a year and it was the first time that I flew in to Hong Kong with him to meet his parents.  It was a major step in our relationship to be introduced to each other’s parents and see whether they approve of our union. I have heard from friends that it was essential to get support from his parents as it would certainly be to my advantage if we do get into rough patches in our relationship in the future.

Meeting his parents for the first time felt like going for a interview and hoping that the end outcome would be in a favourable position for me. Even though I have been briefed about what to expect and also brought along specially selected gifts I was afraid that I may give the wrong answer to any questions which was asked and fail the “assessment”.

I knew that if you love a guy you will have to take the whole package which comes with it and a big part is to be able to hit it off with his parents. Maybe I have been watching too many Chinese drama serials where the boy’s parents can literally make “hell” for the girlfriend if they disliked her or found her status too lowly and not comparable to their son. Looking back it was just me letting my imagination go wild and scaring myself.

The meeting went off well and I did leave a favourable impression on them. It was the start to a relationship which has been 13 years ans still going on strong.

How was your 1st meeting with your parents-in-laws?

What advice would you give new couples?


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