Preparing for Exams- Mental Preperation

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This is the last installment of the three part mini-series on Preparing for Exams. In this 3rd article I will be focusing on the importance of mental preparation

Sitting for an exam can be on of the most stressful scenario for your child.
Here are some tips on how you can reduce test anxiety.

  • Be mentally prepared

    If you have been doing regular revision for your subject you should be confident of the course material that you have covered.

  • Have a good night’s rest and set your alarm.

    Having enough rest will give you the vitality you need to keep yourself alert during the exam. By giving yourself ample time to get to the examination center early it would prevent you to get stressed up by the possibility that you will be late for the exam.

  • Have an exam plan

    I always tell my students not to dwindle on a question that they are unsure of but to move on and complete the questions which they are able to answer. They can always go back to the more difficult questions which they have left out earlier when they have finished all the “simpler” questions on the test paper. It is more important to attempt the majority of the question then to leave them blank as you are stuck at one of the question.

  • Practice deep breathing when you start to feel like you are panicking.

    Breathe in and out a few times. This will help to calm your frayed nerves and settle you down before the start of the exam. It will also help you to focus and gather your thoughts before putting your brain on overhaul.

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