Preparing for Primary One- (The 2nd time around)

Primary 1 series 2012

Last year I wrote a Preparing for Primary One based on my experience with my elder boy who is currently in Primary 2 this year.

The experience I had with him differs greatly from the experiences that I am currently having with my #2- Doggie boy. Both boys have different learning abilities and styles of learning. What worked with Monkey boy doesn’t work as well with Doggie boy this time around.

In the upcoming  8 part series I will be featuring the following

  • How I am preparing Doggie boy in his academics
  • Physical and mental preparations  which you can do with your child to get him up to speed
  • How to prepare yourself  mentally as a parent of a child who is going to Primary One
  • Guest post from two mums who have kids currently in Primary One
  • Guest post from a ex-school teacher.

Meanwhile I am leaving you to read up how I had prepared  Monkey boy through Primary One last year.


(From 2011)

  1. Registration Process for Primary 1
  2. What is expected of your child.
  3. Before  Primary 1
  4. Preparation for the 1st day of School

Post in this series

  1. Preparing for Primary One (The 2nd time around)
  2. Preparing for Primary One- Doggie Boy Style (Mental Preparations)
  3. Preparing for Primary One- Doggie Boy Style ( Physical Preparations)
  4. Preparing for Primary One – Looking back at Primary One [ Guest Post]
  5. Preparing for Primary One- Preparing yourself Mentally as a Parent
  6. Preparing for Primary One- A look through The Eyes of a Mom [Guest Post]
  7. Preparing for Primary One- From Teacher Sarah’s Desk [Guest Post]
  8. Preparing for Primary One-Questions and Answer Round Up


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  1. I will be tracking back to your old posts to understand about the requirements, esp teaching the child independence and also the academic requirements. There is still one year to go before K goes to primary one, and your series will be very handy for me to refer to.

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