Preparing for Primary One- (The 2nd time around)

Primary 1 series 2012

Last year I wrote a Preparing for Primary One based on my experience with my elder boy who is currently in Primary 2 this year.

The experience I had with him differs greatly from the experiences that I am currently having with my #2- Doggie boy. Both boys have different learning abilities and styles of learning. What worked with Monkey boy doesn’t work as well with Doggie boy this time around.

In the upcoming  8 part series I will be featuring the following

  • How I am preparing Doggie boy in his academics
  • Physical and mental preparations  which you can do with your child to get him up to speed
  • How to prepare yourself  mentally as a parent of a child who is going to Primary One
  • Guest post from two mums who have kids currently in Primary One
  • Guest post from a ex-school teacher.

Meanwhile I am leaving you to read up how I had prepared  Monkey boy through Primary One last year.


(From 2011)

  1. Registration Process for Primary 1
  2. What is expected of your child.
  3. Before  Primary 1
  4. Preparation for the 1st day of School

Post in this series

  1. Preparing for Primary One (The 2nd time around)
  2. Preparing for Primary One- Doggie Boy Style (Mental Preparations)
  3. Preparing for Primary One- Doggie Boy Style ( Physical Preparations)
  4. Preparing for Primary One – Looking back at Primary One [ Guest Post]
  5. Preparing for Primary One- Preparing yourself Mentally as a Parent
  6. Preparing for Primary One- A look through The Eyes of a Mom [Guest Post]
  7. Preparing for Primary One- From Teacher Sarah’s Desk [Guest Post]
  8. Preparing for Primary One-Questions and Answer Round Up