Preparing for Exams- Brain Nutrition

This is the 2nd out of 3 article in the series on preparing for exams In the next installment I will be focusing on being mentally prepared for an exam

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“Food for the Brain”. I am sure that you have heard this sentence before. Many parents are busy during the examination period boiling various tonics and “brain boosting” food for their precious kids in bid to get better grades.

Here are some tips on how to keep your child’s brain in top shape  during the examination seasion.

  1. Drink  more fluids(Water).
    You need to make sure that your child’s body is properly hydrated to prevent him from being dehydrated .  It is not recommended to  drink caffeinated or carbonated drinks as they many not provide the necessary levels of fluid intake that your child needs . These drinks also are not that healthy.  Green tea is  good for the brain as it contains chemicals that can stimulate  mental relaxation and alertness.
  2. Eat a well balanced dietOne needs to get sufficient servings from the various groups as seen in the Healthy Diet Pyramid on the right.
  3. Get regular physical exercise 

    Exercising  helps to increase the blood flow to your brain. It also helps to rejuvenate your mind and spirit. Through exercise it will help loosen up stiffen muscles and help your child to relax.  It also helps to boost your child’s immunity and make them less prone to illnesses.

There hasn’t really been any scientific proof about taking essence of chicken or other tonics before an exam would really increase ones concentration powers and ability to score better grades.

I personally feel that it is important to take sufficient water and a balance diet during the examination period to be in the best of health.

What brain boosters do you give your kids?

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