Blogathon 2015- Are you in ?

Biannual Blogathon BashThe blogathon is here again. I’ve joined it last year  and the year before  so I’m following through and joining it again this year.

This year I do not  have as much time to work on the Blogathon as I’m having a rather busy workload solo parenting.  I won’t be joining any mini challenges but may work on some of the mini challenges on my own if I get time after the Blogathon is over.

Here is a list of things that I wish to get done this weekend.

  1. Update my TRAVEL page
  2. Update my Media Kit
  3. Do the sketch work for a new series which I will launch on the blog.
  4. Create a newsletter to send out next week for those on my mailing list.


To be done after the Blogathon as I’m sure I won’t be able to complete it this weekend.

1. Update my twitter page.

2. Change the header and FB header for my 2nd blog- Rachel Dominique. 


What will you be doing this Blogathon?


Writer’s Workshop: Just been Drinking


A cup of Tea


Tea, Coffee, Milk, Juice? The choices are really astronomical if you think about it.  You can mix and  match and even create your own unique quenching blend to suit your taste buds or your mood for the day.  One is only limited by his creativity and willingness to try out something new which may/may not taste great.

What  should I drink?

A cup of green tea
A cup of green tea

I personally love drinking green tea  and have a wide range of green teas and tea blends in the kitchen cupboard.  Silvermoon, Geisha Blossom and Place Vendome are the  premium green teas that I have from TWG that line the top shelf of that cupboard.They are my go to green teas when we have guest over.  On other days I normally

Besides hot green tea I also love drinking  ice-cold green tea to quench my thirst on a hot day.   I also love the green tea latte or ice blended green tea which they serve at some restaurants which we patronize on the weekend.

I’m lucky that most of the places which we go to when we dine out do serve ice green tea or jasmine green tea.  They are my go to drinks when  I am out.


If green tea is not available I will opt  for a glass of lemonade or honey lemon as my 2nd choice.  I love the bitterness of the sweetness of honey and the bitter after taste from the lemon mixed together.  If there isn’t lemon I will opt for Lime juice instead.

A pitcher of water
A pitcher of water

Even though I do love my teas  I ensure that I drink at least 8 glasses  water on a daily basis to remain hydrated.  Sometimes I do add slices  of lemon to my pitcher of water to make it a more refreshing drink.

What have you drunk lately?




Jenny Matlock

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