Watch Your Delivery by Gabriella Van Rij


Watch Your Delivery by Gabriella
Watch Your Delivery by Gabriella

Watch Your Delivery  by Gabriella van Rij is a quick read about human behavior. Through the  112 pages I had an overview about the six different parts which affect our communications.

Part 1 –  Action/ Reaction

Part 2- Tone

Part 3- Split Second Judgement

Part 4- Fear-based communication

Part 5- Body Language

Part 6- A Positive Perception

Many a times the message that we wish to convey to the other party may go wrong as they perceive what we say differently from what it was meant to be.

The delivery  of a message is very important . Sometimes it comes out wrong and that’s where relationships start to break down.

How we read a person can determine how we react to what we hear or visually see when a message is communicated.

In a split second we pass our judgement about the message bearer and sometimes our judgement may not be accurate .

My thoughts

It was interesting how Gabriella breaks down  the different components which make up communication difficult.  The way we communicate affects the relationships that we create with others.

Communication channels break down and misunderstandings take place when verbal and non verbal cues are read wrongly.  Personal biases and prior experiences sometimes cloud or hamper proper judgements.

I could relate to many of the comic strips in the book which were used to depict the different ugly behaviors that we may see in society.  The comics  within the chapters make it a refreshing  breaks from the monotony of words.

Do pick up a copy of the book if you would like to know how you can improve on your communication skills.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for review purposes. All opinions are 100% mine.


Reading Easy with 3M LED P1610 Polarizing Lamp

Tiger Girl reading a book under the lamp
Tiger Girl reading a book under the lamp

It is very important to have  proper lighting when reading or doing homework.  Now that Tiger girl is in Primary school she has much more  homework to do on a daily basis.  Having a good study lamp is an essential for her.

I was privileged to be  able to review the latest lamp by 3M- The P1610.  Her brothers have previously received the  3M LED 5000  and the 3M LED 6000 on earlier occassions and I was really curious to find out what enhancements 3M has done to its study lamp

The box which the  3M P1610 lamp came in
The box which the 3M P1610 lamp came in

What captivated me when we boxed the lamp was that it had a circular disc like  design for the light instead of the streamline LED designs that we have seen in their previous models.

This new design minimizes the chance of blind spots around the table as a bigger area is illuminated by the lamp.

A view of the lamp switched off
A view of the lamp switched off

As you can see without a study lamp there is a shadow formed on the storybook . Once the  P1610 is switched on the shadows simply dissapear.

Tiger girl with the lamp switched on
Tiger girl with the lamp switched on

Some else new with the 3M LED P1610 Polarizing Lamp is the ability for the user to change the LED color from a Cool White to a Warm  White.  With 5 different color selections there is certainly a color to achieve the optimal lighting for ones optimal reading pleasure.   With 5 level brightness adjustment , you can have lux levels from 200 all the way up to 1000!!

3M’s polarizing filter technology reduces the glare by almost 80% and only allows comfortable light to filter through without the emission of harmful UV rays.

The 3M Air Guided Technology reduces the chance of multi shadows making it easy on the eyes.

With a 5 color and 5 level of brightness change  the workspace is easily altered to suit the different needs of the user.

Retailing at $289 the  3M LED P1610 Polarizing lamp can be found in most major electronic stores.

Disclosure: I received a 3M LED P1610 Polarizing Lamp for review purpose. All opinions are mine.

Dominique Goh|Singapore Mom Blogger