Dealing with a Strong Willed Child – Part 1

ZOE 0002 Dealing with a Strong Willed Child   Part 1

Tiger girl posing for the picture

Strong Willed Children are commonly defined by having the following characteristics. They are known to be demanding, insistent, stubborn , difficult and even rebellious.

Handling a  strong willed child can be a real challenge for parents.  They are typically highly creative and intelligent and you really need to “burn many brain cells” trying to come up with more ingenious ideas to be able to reason with them so that they see your point of view.

Monkey boy is  and overachiever  while Doggie boy is a struggling learner.  Tiger girl ,on the other hand, is totally different from her brothers.   She has been even more challenging to deal with an is an extremely strong willed child as compared to them.


Tiger girl, being  the 3rd born  and a girl,   is growing up faster then her brothers.    I  put it down to the fact that  girls mature faster then boys and having two older brothers  gives her ample opportunity to build up her social skills.

Having older siblings can be good but unfortunately this also means that she picks up both the good and bad from them.  ( If only there is a fairy wand to wish away all the bad habits that she picked up from them it would certainly be neat!!)

Tiger girl has always  had a clear idea of what she wants and goes all out to get it.  She is very vocal and expressive which makes it easier for her to be understood.

She is not one to budge once she has made her decision. She may  scream, shout and cry if she doesn’t get her way and it is really trying to reason with this three year old.

She can be nice as an angel one moment and in a split second turn into a shrieking hyena once she finds that the odds in the particular  situation is not to her favour.

Tiger girl can kick up a fuss and complain like a drama queen  for at least an hour or so if I let her be.  It can be really frustrating dealing with her and trying not to give in to her wimps and fancies when you are pressed for time or have other impending issues to handle.

In the next part of this post I will be sharing with you the different techniques I have used to rein in this strong willed child of mine while at the same time giving her the space to develop at her own pace.

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Writer’s Workshop: What have you been doing lately?

 Writers Workshop: What have you been doing lately?

Pink Blooms

Last weekend we had a long weekend due to the Easter Holidays.  The kids enjoyed the extra day off as it translated into more play time for them.  This year we didn’t go on any Easter egg hunt and there were no chocolates eaten.

I do believe that Christ has risen and that he had died for our sins however I do not  buy into the concept of celebrating  Easter with fanfare and splurging on so-called Easter goodies.   Many religious practices have been commercialized over the years that they lose meaning.

We only celebrate Chinese New Year and birthdays and anniversaries  in our family.  We don’t celebrate Easter nor Christmas since last year as I do not see any meaning in doing so.  The kids do not need to wait till Easter or Christmas to get treats or presents and they get  these perks all year around.

What I have been doing with the kids during this period of time is to re-look at our relationship with GOD and each other.  The boy are attending Sunday school and I have been reading up a lot on  Faith.

We are learning how to relate better to each other and also change our routine around so that we can use our time more efficiently.

What have you been doing this Easter?

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