The Future Architect’s Handbook

The Future Architect's Handbook Book Cover
The Future Architect’s Handbook Book Cover

The Future Architect’s Handbook by Barbara Beck is a 8 chapter book which gives one an insight into how a house is built up from scratch.

The book is written for  kids aim 8-12 year old to give them an insight into what an Architect does. Based on the drawings of Arron’s house the reader is shown step by step by Barbara how a house is built.

Readers are taken through the process of how the different materials for different parts of the house are chosen.  Building a house is not as easy as it seems. It is not like putting blocks of Lego together to build a structure. It is more complicated than that as many different factors have to be taken into consideration before building can commence.

Barbara does the following in her book

– She gives an overview of what Architecture and Architects are.

-Introduces the various building components that will be used.

– Shows what a site plan and a floor plan is

– Talks about what is Scale, Section and Elevation

My Thoughts

I let my 10 year old read this book by his own and his feedback that he found it really cool and interesting. It gave him a clear inside into how a house is being built. He intends to use the concepts that he has learned in building better cities within Minecraft.

I personally found this book really interesting. It  gave me a better understanding of the job of an Architect and what goes into building a house.  I don’t think that I will be able to witness building a house from scratch as most of us live in apartments here in Singapore. However it was certainly great knowledge to know how one is designed and built.

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Writer’s Workshop: All About Me

Tiger girl and me
Tiger girl and me

It has been a while since I last shared some tidbits about myself here on the blog. Most of the time I write about what experience the kids and I have been having or sharing about the places that we have been.

In this post I would like to share with you more about me. The last time I did a post like this was 3 years ago back in 2011.

5 Things which you may not know 

  1. I hate crowds.
    I stay away from large gatherings and busy places. I feel more comfortable in a small group. I prefer the countryside to the city.
  2. I prefer salty to sweet.
    I rather have a packet of chips then a slice of cake. However I’m trying to take lesser of both nowadays.
  3. I have a vested interest in learning languages.  
    I can speak English, Mandarin  and Cantonese fluently. I learned French during my High school years and later Japanese when I started working.  Unfortunately I haven’t had time to follow up on these two languages so I’m rather rusty in them now. I also do know a smattering of  Malay and Hokkien which I use to communicate with elders.
  4. I’m focusing on personal wellness at the moment.
    I am learning which cosmetics suite me the best and how to stay  fit and healthy.
  5. I’m researching on different methods of learning.
    I am tweaking my teaching strategies  as I find the  best way to  facilitate the kids in their studies.
A selfie of myself
A selfie of myself

5 things I am knowledgeable about

  1. Blogging and internet marketing.
    Since starting this blog back in 2007 I have learnt how to set up my own blog across various different platforms, SEO and how to work the various social media. I’m also coaching several novice bloggers on how to bring their blogs to a greater level.
  2. Handling Spirited Kids.
    With 3 active kids of my own I get a lot of hands on experience dealing with feisty kids.
  3. Cooking from scratch.
    I’ve added many new gadgets to my kitchen these two years. We now have a noodle maker besides the food processor, blender, air fryer, oven, microwave and steamer.
  4. Organizing and Juggling schedules
    I’m able to set aside 1-1 time with each kid on a daily basis and have time to pursue my own interests while handling the household and work.
  5. Teaching young kids
    Being an ex- elementary school teacher and having  children of my own I’ve learned through my own experience how to teach kids from 0-12 yrs old.

5 Things I know nothing about 

  1.  Politics
    I’ve never been interested in political issues and will never be.
  2. The Stock Market
    Bull run and Bear. Up and down.. I’ve no idea on how the mechanics operate and how to play the system .
  3. The latest trends and fashions
    I don’t follow fashion magazines and trends. I rather focus on stuff that are more suitable for my current lifestyle.
  4. How to sew a doll
    I’ve never been good in arts and crafts and making one is really beyond my current ability.
  5. What tomorrow has in store for me
    Only GOD has the answer for that.

5 Things  I believe in


  1.  All things happen for a reason.
    The laws of nature. Cause and Effect . All these are predetermined and are affected by our current behavior.
  2. There is a GOD
    He is there  and is watching over and guiding us on our journey on this earth.
  3. We need to take action.
    If we really want something in our lives we have to work for it. Nothing come for free and we need to be proactive if change is to occur.
  4. Taking time for oneself.
    It is important to take care of yourself before you are able to care for others.  I’m solo parenting these few months and that is even more important to me as I can’t afford to fall sick or  enter into any depressive stage with 3 young kids counting on me.
  5. One has to have a plan /goal in life.
    It is important to have a direction in life to work towards so that you can have focus and drive in your life.


What 5 things about you would
you like to share with me? 


Jenny Matlock

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