Holistic Learning- Understanding Your Creative Pattern

A white bloom

A white bloom

Everyone has a different personality type. In fact there are 16 different type which one can be classified under.  While reading the book Creative You I found out personality type the boys were.

Monkey boy  is a  ENFJ (The Persuader) while Doggie boy is a INFP (The Muser). This means that they are polar opposites and it can be really difficult to get them to understand each other. One is an introvert while the other is an extrovert.

Monkey boy is a talented speaker and very good at using his words to try to convince others about his point of view. He tries to use speech to worm his way out of delicate situations which are not to his advantage. However you can say that the has had limited success with me so far.

Doggie boy on the other hand innovates best by contemplating and imagining . He needs a lot of time to reflect on the task at hand before really getting into the groove of it.  He is a more private person and prefers working alone then in groups.

Both boys have different learning patterns too. Monkey boy can follow just having verbal instructions however Doggie boy relies more heavily on visual aids to learn.  As a result I have to tailor the same set of instructions so that both boys will be able to understand and follow through.

I am still seeking more information on how best to coach these two boys to maximize their potential. Now that I know their creative pattern it is easier for me to alter task to make them suitable for each boy.

Do you understand your child’s creative pattern?




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