Holistic Learning With Dominique


From this month I am starting the kids on a slightly different journey. We will be focusing on each individual child and their personal journey together with me as I put together a customized program for each kid.

The kids

The kids

For Monkey Boy

He will be starting work as a Budgeting Accountant  and will have to work for his allowance. There will no pay if he doesn’t complete his work.   I will be focusing on the following skills with him

  • Cash flow management/budgeting ( Mathematics~ 4 Operations, %, fractions)
  • Analytical and critical thinking
  • Report writing and presentation.
  • Time management

Values incorporated:  Self-discipline, understanding delayed gratification and diligence.

For Doggie Boy

I will be focusing more on building up his auditory skills  and memory. Based on the assessment by Thinkersbox.

He will be starting his apprenticeship as a junior chef at home. I will be  teaching him how to make simple dishes and bakes.

I will be focusing on

  • Strengthening his ability to follow instructions.
  • Listening to a string of instructions and comprehending them.
  • Calculating proportions (Mathematics- 4 operations)
  • Time Management
  • Presentation skills (Visual and spoken)

Values incorporated: Self-discipline, understanding delayed gratification and diligence.

For spiritual development I will be using a combination of three books for the kids.


There are many differentiated activities inside the books which can be use alongside each other. We will have the bible activities.

For Tiger girl

We will be doing a lot of hands on activities like music and art and crafts. I will also be introducing her to the piano proper and also the  basic rudiments of music.


I will kick of these series with an introduction to Monkey’s boy’s new job and in subsequent posts follow up with their progress in the different areas.

What do you have planned for your kids this 2013?

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