Social Media Engagement for Dummies

Book Cover

Book Cover

Social Media Engagement For Dummies (For Dummies (Business & Personal Finance) by Aliza Sherman and Danielle Elliott Smith is a book which will provide you will all the information that you need to be a Social Media pro.

The six sections of the book cover

– The basis of social media engagement

– Exploring the elements of social media engagement

– Examining the basic engagement tools

– Engaging through additional social channels

– Leveraging Audio and Visual for engagement

– The parts of ten.


It is important to attract the attention of your potential customer and get them to approach you. People need to be compel to take action and return if you want to build up a long term relationship with them. One needs to build up an engaged community to be able to promote their product/services efficiently.

While setting your goals for social media engagement one has to take note of the audience, content, reaction, interaction and action and also the outcomes and measurement. It is certainly quite a lot of things to understand.

There are many free/paid online tools where one can track the outcomes of social media campaigns ie: click through rates of URLs/tweets.

Amplification of your message is important especially if you want to get your message out to the masses. By effectively using the various social media channels available your message can reach the millions.

It is important to have a action plan on how you intend to use social media. This would optimize the time that you spend on each social media outlet and reduce time wastage.

My thoughts

It was interesting to read up about so many tools that were in existence which I was unaware off. Eg: Storify to track brain mentions in social networks. There were many more paid options then free options mentioned in the book which businesses could consider but being a blogger on a limited budget I will stick to the FREE options for the moment to get my blog and writing out to the masses.

I learned that it was important to build a social media editorial calendar. This would help me track my reach on the  social media platforms better. I haven’t really been taking note of the engagement levels of my blog posts/blog as most of my posting has been automated.

Do pick up a copy of the book if you want to know more about  Social Media Engagement.


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