Probiotics for Dummies

Probiotics for Dummies


Probiotics For Dummies is the 2nd book of the Dummies. I’ve always been interested to learn more about Probiotics and how it can help my overall health.

This book is divided into 4 parts

Part 1- Living in the Microbial world. ( How good and bad bacteria affects your body)

In this part there is an introduction to the different types of bacteria and how important it is to have a balance between good and bad bacteria. There is quite a lot of technical terms which gives one a clear explanation of how the different types of bacterias and how they affect our body.

Part 2- Preserving and Improving life with Probiotics.
Prebiotics in relation to Probiotics are explained in this part.  It is also explained how Probiotics are used to help in medical conditions such as inflammatory bowel syndrome and other digestive issues.

Part 3- Adding Probiotics to your lifestyle
This part of the book teaches you how to identify probiotic rich food,how to choose the right probiotic supplement for you and the amount you should take.  There are simple recipes added inside which one can follow to create probiotic rich foods.

Part 4- The Parts of Tens

Misconceptions about Probiotics are addressed.  A quick summary of all the above parts can be found in this part. If you don’t have time to read through the whole book it is advised that you go straight to this part.

My thoughts

It was interesting to learn that Probiotics had been around since the early days of Marco Polo. Many people have been using Probiotics to boost the amount of good bacteria within their body and keep themselves healthy. I also learned how we use prebiotics which are found in daily food items like Banana, Onions, Garlic  and Soyabean to stimultate the growth of Probiotics.

It was most interesting to note how Probiotics can help enhance women’s health and prevent UTI and other feminine problems. There were also benefits in dealing with childhood allergies and illnesses such as asthma.

Yoghurt, Cheese and kimchi are items which we do take quite regularly. I’m glad to know that they have the good bacteria which one needs.

I found this book highly informative and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone who is interested to know more about Probitoics


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