Writer’s Workshops: The Highlights of Blogging Magazine Style

Loreal FeatureMagazines are something which capture my interest when I am in the checkout line waiting to pay my groceries. The colourful glossy pictures with captivating headlines make me want to reach out and pick it off the rack. The curiousity is stirred and I am eager to find out more what lies beyond the cover. Is it the same for you too?

Like a Magazine with features the highlights of a month, here are my highlights for the 2012 ~ 2013 here on Dominique’s Desk.

This two years has seen a breakthrough for me in blogging. I’ve becoming more noticed in the blogsphere and have managed to snag a few exclusive campaigns with some international brands.  One of the major campaigns which I worked on last year was the one by L’oreal White Perfect Laser. It was a new experience for me testing out the Skin whitening product and writing about it. It got me more interested in taking care of my own personal grooming and keeping myself looking youthful.

Besides L’oreal I also worked on campaigns by Lifebouy and Comfort. The kids and I also got invited to a couple of places and tried out several interesting products.

Dominique’s Desk also went more viral as it was included in one of the sites featured on NewsLoop an app for iPhone and iPad designed by Singtel where one can read all the latest local and international news. You can find us under the Kids & Parenting Category.

Newsloop feature

Being on Newsloop means that you can read all about the latest blog post from this site on the go at your own convenience. You need not be log on to a PC and can view it from your iPhone or iPad. Isn’t that cool!!

Philips Avent Natural Bottle Launch

Philips Avent Natural Bottle Launch

This year started off with a blast for me.  Tiger girl and me were featured on the Philips Avent Natural Bottle Launch TV ad. The ad has been showing on a few different channels on TV last month and this month. Tiger girl was thrilled to bits when she spotted herself on TV earlier this week.

Besides on TV the blog has been featured also in at the following sites.

My article on Bike Riding with Singapore Bike School has been written have been featured on SGLinks a local daily magazine which highlights interesting posts from blogs from Singapore.




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The article Keeping Motivated Blogging on a Monday was featured on Parent society as one of the featured bloggers for the week of March 5th 2013.

How has blogging evolved for you?

Are you liking it so far?

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