Writer’s Workshop :Review of Blogging Goals for 2012

reflectionSince the start of the year I have set these goals for the blog. I’m glad to achieve all the goals that I have set out for the blog and more.

The goals that I stated in January were the following

For the blog (Dominique’s Desk)

  • Increase revenue to be able to save enough to buy a DSLR.
  •  Have bloggers to guest posts on my blog.
  • Guest post on other sites/blogs at least once a month.
  • Increase readership and grow my traffic.
  • break the 100,000 Alexa mark

2012 was the year that I shifted gears and moved from a casual blogger to a professional one. I engaged a cyber agent to help manage my portfolio and also placed a lot of energies in growing this blog.

This year was a year of massive growth and increase in awareness of Dominique’s Desk. From  March I started taking down in detail the various stats associated with the blog.  I recently joined instagram in October and am slowly growing my followers on it.


  Mar 2012 Dec 2012
Alexa ranking
120,718 73,276
Twitter followers
2857 4468
FB Fan Page 1838 fans 9551 fans
Instagram 0 50 followers
Pinterest 100 followers 302 followers


The kids and I had lots of fun this year and we visited many new places. We made new friends and many long lasting friendships were forged with other bloggers and their kids.

I started up a monthly featured called my Top Ten Highlights whereby at the end of each month I would make a summary about the highlights of each month. I also have a  review of my Insane goals monthly to make sure that I keep on track to achieving my goals.

Here is  are some of the  highlights in photos for November and December.

Doggie boy's birthday cake

Doggie boy’s Birthday cake

The memories made through birthday celebrations.    A tradition which will continue for years with the kids asking for customized birthday cakes.

Angry Bird Playground

Angry Bird Playground

The kids had lots of fun at the Angry Bird Playground at T3 during a media invite.

Did you achieve your blogging goals this year?

What do you intend to do differently next year?

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