Weekend Reflections: Birthday Celebrations and Making Memories

Doggie boy's birthday cake

Doggie boy turned 6 this week and this year he requested for an Angry Bird Space cake for his birthday. He had been having an overload of Angry bird since we  visited the Angry Bird Space Playground at the airport last month.  He was really happy to see his birthday cake and had a cake cutting session with his school mates.

Blowing out the candles

Blowing out the candles

He tried blowing out his candles with gusto but was surprised when it started to relight by  itself. He didn’t know that we bought relighting candles and it would take him and his siblings 7 attempts to get all the candles blown off. It was a good investment for $1.50.

birthday celebration

It was the last time that he would be celebrating his birthday with his Kindergarten friends as he will be entering Elementary school come January 2013. I know that he will be missing the cozy environment and all the friends that had been together with him for the past few years.The birthday celebration marks and end to his preschool life and a closure to a chapter of his life.

I’m sure looking back at the photos and videos which I took on this birthday he will certainly have warm and fuzzy thoughts on his mind.

How do you celebrate your kid’s birthdays?

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