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Dear Hosting company,

I’ve decided I will be moving house once again.  I am not literally moving our physical assets from one place to another but my virtual home.

Yes. It’s come to my attention that you ( web server) is no longer keeping your end of your bargain.

You said that you allow for a max of 50 domains to be hosted together on your account and 99.9% uptime. Now you tell me that my 2 domains are using too much bandwidth and resources? You are hitting me with constant (12)Cannot allocate memory: couldn’t create child process: and 500 internal server error and still blame it on my usage?

It’s your fault and the problem lies on your end not mine!! Ever since you did that server migration and added on so many new clients the resources you give me have been seriously limited. I feel super shortchanged and regretful that I have placed so must trust in you.

We are now into the 2nd year of our relationship and I going to have to breakup with you once the contract has ended. I thought that you were the one after having problems with Hostpapa and Lunarpages.

Two years on you have grown in size and has been bought over by a bigger company. No doubt you still give excellent customer service but the way that you are trying to force me to upgrade to a VPS for a personal blog is really out of line.

It’s time to pack up and ship off.  I’m on the prowl for a local hosting company this time. I’m tired of all the unfulfilled promises made by the so-called big names in the business.



*this post is a response to Alpha-Thursday ( Letter V)  and my entry for this week’s Writer’s workshop at Mama Kat’s.
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