Writer’s Workshop : July Memories

Our wedding rings
Our wedding rings

July 2014. I can’t believe that it has been a year since then. A lot have happened since we bought our 2nd set of wedding rings back then.

A lot of adjustment had to be done and reshuffling of time tables for everyone.

R has been relocated and is currently working overseas and we have been shuttling between two different countries  to ensure that we can spend time together as a family and a couple.

I’ve  started a new venture this year  by becoming a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. We have both  taken on new roles in our career progression and added new responsibilities as we strive for constant growth.

We have been keeping busy. He with his job and pursuing his interests while I’ve been pursuing my interests too while taking care of the kids.

It hasn’t been easy being apart and there has been many trying moments which we had to iron out with each other.  ( Hopefully creases will not reappear after all the ironing) 😛

It is certainly more tiring having to run two households across the Asian continent then just focusing on one.

The wedding rings we made this year.
The wedding rings we made this year.

Even though R and I have  limited time to spend together,  we make it a point to engage in couple activities when we get the chance.

The last time that I was in Taiwan  on a couple holiday we  made our own rings and it was a really nice experience.


Looking at these two set of rings it is evident that even though we do have our own unique personality which shines through the similarities that we have.  We are the same yet at the same time different.

How different has it been for you
since last July?

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22 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop : July Memories”

  1. Running one household can be difficult. I can’t imagine TWO! Good job on making it work. Love the rings. Would love to know the story on the choice and design. That’s always fun, too. Coming at ya from Mama Kat’s.

    1. @Lisa,
      We chose this design as it means being entwined with one another. It’s one of the classic designs from the selection which was available that day. For mine I carved in all our 5 names while his is ” Focus on this Moment” to remind himself what he has to focus on. 🙂

      1. That is BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for the reply. Sometimes curiosity can be quite enlightening. Congrats on your new rings and keeping it all together.

  2. Sound like you’re doing a great job staying connected. Hubby and I were separated by a military assignment for 18 months, but we made it. (I had a visit in the middle.) It’s hard learning how to “we” again after each getting used to being “Me” by the separation. Makes for a little crease ironing. 🙂

  3. What a challenging lifestyle. May you find the continued strength to nurture your love across the distance, and may your marriage grow ever stronger for your efforts.

  4. That’s why I don’t look forward for August because my husband will have more business trip so it means less time for us. I hope we can still have family bonding. Good luck to us. 🙂

  5. beautiful rings!

    the long distance thing is definitely hard! My husband got a new job last August and moved ahead to start work while I stayed behind with the kids and the house, keeping things going (and clean!) while we tried to sell it. It was a long 5 months but thankfully despite the distance we were in the same time zone! So I don’t know how you do it in two different countries!!!

  6. Honoring the individual is important in a marriage, but cherishing and respecting the partner even when apart is equally as important. Sounds like you two have mastered this. The rings are lovely!

  7. That has to be really hard but it sounds like you guys are doing your best to make it work. I really love your rings. They’re beautiful.

  8. I’m pretty sure that sometimes it can be hard to be apart from each other but with mutual love, respect, and trust, your marriage can surmount it. How sweet of you to have a second set of rings. By the way, good luck on your Mary Kay venture. I have a friend who has become very successful with Mary Kay, in fact she got a new car from the company and became eligible for one more in a short span of time.

  9. We will be celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary this July 27th. We’ve never been ‘separated’ since we got married and I can’t even think what to do when that time will come, hehe. I have been very dependent on him that’s why. I am learning to be independent again though. May God bless your relationship and stay strong.

  10. It’s really tough when you are apart, but it’s good that you are both making it work. I love the rings!

  11. My husband and I are planning for him to work overseas. If this is realized, this would be the first time he’ll be far away from me. I have to be strong when that happens. Life’s different when you have a family, you’ll sometimes have to sacrifice being together.

  12. I had no idea you were living apart! Good job in making sure you do couple activities whenever you have a chance. That teaches us who don’t have to live far from each other to appreciate that more 🙂

  13. What a beautifully written post.

    I think all relationships are stronger when we are the same yet different!

    Think how boring it would be to be with only yourself (times 2) all the time!

    Well, it would be for me anyway!

    This was Just a wonderful link for the letter J.

    Thank you for sharing it.


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