Writer’s Workshop: My July Musings


My  Thoughts for this month

My Thoughts for this month


July ,as you know from my round up post , had been a really exhausting month for me.   My workload is much heavier this 2nd half of 2015 as compared to the 1st half.

Even though I’ve have my time even more stretched this month I still managed to carve  out time to do some learning.

Here is what I have learned last month.


Coming out of Cage

Coming out of Cage


1) How we behave as parents really make a great impact on our kids. 

As parent you are your kids Superstar. They look up to you for guidance and emulate whatever you do.  If you focus on being positive and not indulge in negative talk with them, they will grow up to be confident individuals who are self reliant.

Learn from the mistakes which our parents and the previous generations made. What  seem to have ” worked” for them in the past may not be the best bet in our current situation and always trust your GUT!!

2) You tube is your best friend to learn about makeup

Pony is one my favourite  Korean Makeup artist to learn from. She has lots of cool you tube videos with step by step instructions on how you can recreate each particular look. I find it really does help me understand why she does certain steps and how I too can try it out .  I have bought her make up book too and am also reading it when I have my ME Time.

3) There is a lot of difference in the way clothes are arranged.

Tiger girl's drawer of clothes

Tiger girl’s drawer of clothes

I finally found the solution to keeping the clothes in the drawers. Stacking the clothes vertically minimizes the mess that is created when the kids pull out pieces of clothing to wear. It also makes it easier to ensure that the all the clothes are able to fit into their chest of drawers without sticking out.  I used to stack them horizontally in piles within the drawers and it took less then 1 day for the drawers to become messy.  Since implementing this new way of stacking the clothes the drawers have remained intact for nearly a month which is really very impressive. I no longer have to help tidy up their drawers so frequently and it frees up my time to focus on other areas of the house.

What have you learned in July?