Highlights of July 2015

An orange hibicus

An orange hibiscus

As we enter into the 2nd half of 2015 it’s time to recap how the 1st half of 2015 went so far for me.

In July I was extremely busy as I started attending night classes once a week, signed up for online French lessons and was busy promoting Mary Kay products on top of all the things I had to do on a daily basis.

Even though my daily time table is packed to the brim it and it is more exhausting on my end I’m still gritting my teeth determined to see that everything that I have put on my to-do-list gets carried out.

I’m sure in time to come I will be able to see the results that I seek.

Looking Glam

Looking Glam

I shared what I did during my Me- Time and how I have been experimenting with  different  looks and make up trends. It’s interesting how by using different colors you can enhance your best features or  play down flaws that you have.

Tiger girl and me

Tiger girl and me

I’m spending more time with Tiger girl now that she is 4. We are able to do more  girly things together.  She loves to get her nails done and go out for tea with me.

Tiger girl will be entering K2 soon and I need to get her learning up to speed to be ready to enter Primary school in time to come. At present there is a gap between  what she learns in Kindergarten and what is expected from her in Primary school. This is something which I must address and close before she enters formal school.

hello kitty waffles

hello kitty waffles

We have been eating a greater variety of foods last month as the kids are getting more adventurous. They are now willing to try  foods that a bit spicy and even those that they previously rejected.

I feel that it’s great as I get to try out new recipes and increase the existing pool of recipes that I commonly use to cook meals for them at home.

How was July for you?


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