Stay Protected with AXA Family Advantage

R and the kids
R and the  three kids

Staying  financially protected during pregnancy, child birth and the formative years of a child is very important.  Being the main breadwinner in many cases, the dad or dad-to-be bears the brunt of any financial burden that the family may have.

From the moment of conception, throughout his wife pregnancy and beyond birth the cost of having a child can be astronomical if complications arise.

R and I didn’t have a smooth start when we embarked on our family planning back then.   We suffered two miscarriages prior to the arrival of our  first child back in 2004.


It was a really stressful period for him when we conceived a third time and really prayed that the fetus would grow normally in me this time and I will be able to get through the 9 months without any complications.

3 kids
As first time parents back then we were hoping  to go for natural delivery during the birth of our 1st child- Monkey boy.

Monkey boy’s EDD was on 3rd of March and he was  overdue when  we checked in hospital on the 4th. Little did we know that after inducing for nearly 24 hrs I was still unable to proceed with delivery and had to be wheeled in for an emergency c-section.

If only there were  suitable insurance packages for us back then. It would certainly help us defray the hefty costs that we incurred as all three children had to be delivered by C-section.  It would also give R peace of mind instead of  having him worried over our increasing financial expenditure.

The daddies and daddies to be are more fortunately these days.  AXA has unveiled a first-of-its-kind pre-natal plan package, “AXA Family Advantage”, to allow couples, when expecting a child, the flexibility to select from 8 different types of protection, savings and investment plans for themselves to prepare for the responsible role of being parents.

The plan simultaneously offers pre-natal coverage for an expectant mother, and subsequently when the child is born, the parents can choose to insure their child in a straightforward process with no health questions asked.


Contest Time 


Calling all daddies with  newborns and toddlers.  Tune in to Class 95 between 6am to 10am from now till the 17th  of September and stand a chance to win the following.

3 Weekly winners with a weekly winner being selected on the 21st of August, 28th of August and 4th of September have a chance to receive a 2-hr home cleaning session by the AXA Daddy Rescue team.  All entries also stand to win this grand prize-

  Babycation Weekend for 2 at Capella

Sentosa worth $2000!!!

Doesn’t that sound awesome!!!

All you have to do is

SMS  the following details to   76677


 and add the most creative  reason why you deserve to win this prize.

It’s that simple!!

The grand prize will be announced on the 18th of September.

Good luck!!


To learn more about AXA’s Family Advantage do visit the AXA’s website for more details.

Disclaimer:  This is an advertorial in collaboration with AXA Singapore. All opinions are 100% mine.



25 thoughts on “Stay Protected with AXA Family Advantage”

  1. I agree, financial protection is so important for any family. Particularly during pregnancy it plays a major role. AXA family advantage sounds like a great service to go for.

  2. Seems like an amazing opportunity. This would be great for families who haven’t gone to a vacation for a long time.

  3. Not all heath cards have maternity benefits. We were fortunate that our health card help us when I delivered my son. It is really nice to be financially protected.

    1. Hi Theresa,

      It is not strictly opened for Singapore residents only. However, you must be residing in Singapore to be eligible to collect your win.

      Good luck!

  4. Since I start working last 2 months I always keep in mind how saving is important. To be financially stable is my goal because hospitalization these days are very expensive. Thanks Ms. Dominique for this information.

  5. Never think of acquiring insurance plan before. But I think it’s a wise decision to have one because we can never tell what will happen. Thanks for this Dom.

  6. A few years before I hit 30 becoming financially stable and financially protected has always been a priority. I know services like this are really important.

  7. Now this is something something that every family should have! Investing in your family’s health and safety is never a dead investment.

  8. It is really important to secure our health and safety above all and getting an AXA insurance I think is all worth the investment. Every parent should start thinking about this actually.

  9. It’s a practical investment. Sadly, most Filipinos do not allot a budget for insurance packages such as this offered by AXA. We tend to buy gadgets, apparel, and appliances more than secure our future. It’s sad but it’s true.

  10. Me and hubby decided to get health insurance package last year and was able to use it twice. I think AXA is also available here in the Philippines, i have seen an ad somewhere kasi.

  11. A friend of mine offers us AXA insurance but I declined. I was afraid of getting such insurance plan because of the past stories of other insurance companies that suddenly closed due to bankruptcy.

    1. It’s good naman to get an insurance, Daddy A. I tend to follow Suze Orman’s advice though – go for term insurance, not whole

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