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Best care for wounds with Nexcare Sensitive Skin

Tiger girl on a swing at the park

Tiger girl on a swing at the park

Being the only girl with two elder brothers, Tiger girl has grown up loving spending time outdoors at playgrounds.  She loves being in the park  climbing structures and constantly challenges herself to be able to keep up with her elder brothers.

Tiger girl taking a piggyback ride from Monkey Boy

Tiger girl taking a piggyback ride from Monkey Boy

This girl is quite the daredevil and is not afraid of heights. She gets an adrenaline rush for attempting what may seem to be the near impossible for her age. As a result, she often ends up with grazed hands and knees when she misses her footing and slips and falls. Ouch!!

Even though Tiger girl has quite a high tolerance for pain however sometimes the oozing blood from the wounds get to her and she she ends up bawling due to the pain that she is experiencing.

Tiger girl getting a drink as she walks on the curb

Tiger girl getting a drink as she walks on the curb


My Experience 

As an experience mom of 3, I always carry plasters  with me so that I handle boo-boos immediately when they happen.

The boys used to get scraps and cuts  very often when they were younger  if they fell at the playground or accidentally hit against a playscape. The plasters  kept within my wallet get used up very quickly.

I have tried different  brands of bandages  with the boys.  The plasters that we used either stuck  too tightly to the skin and  made the boys squeal when it was taken off or   doesn’t even adhere to the skin.

The experience that I had with 3M Nexcare Sensitive  Skin Bandages, Adhesive Pads and Tape had been really eye opening.

3M Nexcare Sensitive Skin Plasters, Pads and tape


The latest  bandages  from Nexcare Sensitive Skin Range by 3M are specially crafted and  does not cause any comfort or redness from the peel caused by sensitive reaction to the bandage during removal.

3M ™ Sensitive skin silicone adhesive allows the force of removal to be experienced in the adhesive. This new range of product  literally “falls off” without tugging at the sensitive skin of young old or fragile.

I have been impressed with the  how durable the  Nexcare Sensitive Skin  bandages are and how easy and painless it is to remove them.

I do not need to endure any more hassles of my  kids screaming in pain when bandages are removed as their skin is not tugged on during the removal process.

You can  watch the Sensitive Skin Demo below to see how gentle the 3M Nexcare bandages are as compare to other leading brands in the market.



Tiger girl’s experience with Nexcare 

Nexcare Sensitive Skin Bandages

Nexcare Sensitive Skin Bandages

My girl gets scrapes quite often. I  normally put a plaster to cover the wound and prevent it from being infected when it occurs.

With the assortment of sizes of plasters one can easily find an appropriate size to cover the wound.  Being clinically designed for sensitive and fragile skin it didn’t make her skin turn red when it was removed.

Tiger girl with a bandage on her hand

Tiger girl with a bandage on her hand

What we liked about the 3M Nexcare plasters

  • Made from Hypoallegenic material
  • Latex Free
  • Ease to peel out from the packaging. Even Tiger girl could  put on the plaster herself without hassle
  • Water and moisture resistant.
  • Available in three different sizes
Nexcare Adhesive Pads and tape

Nexcare Adhesive Pads and tape

Recently Tiger girl got some scrapes on her hands when she fell while running around in the park. As you see (from the picture below ) quite a large area of her arm was injured.  A single plaster would not be large enough to cover the whole surface area and several plasters would have to be used to prevent an infection from occurring. I decided to use their adhesive pads instead of sticking multiple plasters on her hand.

Wounds on Tiger girl's hand

Wounds on Tiger girl’s hand


Placing the 3M Nexcare Sensitive Skin Adhesive Pad on Tiger girl

Placing the 3M Nexcare Sensitive Skin Adhesive Pad on Tiger girl


To ensure that the adhesive pad remained snugly on Tiger girl’s arm I used the tape to reinforce it. This tape is extremely easy to use and you do not even need to use a scissors to tear it off from the roll.

What we liked about the 3M Adhesive Pads and Tape

  • 3M™ Sensitive skin silicone adhesive allows the force of removal to be experienced in the adhesive making the removal pain free.
  • the tape is easy to be torn and doesn’t cause chafing of the skin.
  • Easy to re-position without losing its adhesive properties.

This new range of 3M Nexcare Sensitive Range is not only for kids. It was  formulated for individuals with sensitive skin.   It is ideal  for the  very old, very young, those with fragile skin due to  chronic illness, skin with lots of hair, skin prone to adverse reactions from adhesives or skin disorders such as eczema.

It certainly receives a thumbs up from me and Tiger girl.

Visit the  3M Nexcare™  Facebook Page to know their latest offers and promotions.

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Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored collaboration between Nexcare from 3M and Dominique’s Desk . All opinions are my own.


Eating a Healthy Breakfast With Captain Oats

Breakfast is one of the most important meals that one needs to have on a daily basis. Starting the day right is essential for growing kids.

It is crucial that my kids  get the right nutrients into their body at the start of the day so that they can be mentally and psychically alert to face the day. They need all the energy that they can get while satisfying their hunger.

Every morning it can a mad rush to get the kids ready for school. There isn’t much time for fancy meals or a wide variety of breakfast items to indulge in. What I can only afford is something simple, nutritious and easy to prepare.

Oats  is one of my top choice of breakfast foods for the kids.

Oats and grapefruit

Oats and grapefruit

Why Eat Oats?

  • Oats are a good source of Vitamin B6 which encourages the release of Serotonin, the body’s feel-good hormone. 
  • It is very nutritious as it is packed with high amounts of  Vitamin B1, B2 and E and  minerals such as Phosphorus, Potassium, Manganese and Zinc among others.
  • Eating Oats regularly can   reduce  the risk of Child Obesity by 50%
  • With a low GL content, Oats can also reduce the chances of heart disease, cholesterol  and the probability of birth defects in babies  during the 1st trimester.
  • Eating Oats also may help to improve  your skin quality as it is used in various beauty treatments.

*(The above is provided for information only by Captain Oats and may not be construed as medical advice or instruction. Results may vary. Please consult with your physician if you have any doubts.)

The variety of Oats from Captain Oats

The variety of Oats from Captain Oats

The Oats from Captain Oats come from Australia and goes through  OatiFresh™ Process, a heat and moisture treatment to prevent them from going bad while retaining important nutrients.

Raw oats are not  really  edible. Therefore the oats has to be put through a process of  cleaning, dehulling, heating, sizing, cutting, flaking and lastly, packing to make them more appetizing for the consumer.

There are 3 variety of oats available by Captain Oats.

Rolled oats – ( 8 min cook time in microwave or stove top cooking)

This has the  chunkiest texture as, rolled oats look like flat, irregularly round, slightly textured discs. When processed, the whole grains of oats are first steamed to make them soft and pliable, then pressed to flatten them. It is  the least processed compared to the Quick cook and instant oats.

It is recommended for baked goods like muffins and granola bars.

Quick cook oatmeal – ( 3-5 min cook time in microwave or stove top cooking)

This type of oats has a finer texture  compared to Rolled oats .  It is partially cooked therefore it has a shorter cooking time. as compared to rolled- cut oats.

They too can be used in baked goods like cookies and muffins.

Instant oatmeal –  ( Instantly – Just add hot water!!)

This type of oats is pre-cooked. It has a finer texture then quick oats. They are the most processed oats among all the varieties available and the most convenient to consume.

The types of food  which you can make using oats are countless. If you are pressed for ideas you can check out the recipes  on Captain Oat’s website.


A Bowl of Instant Oats

A Bowl of Instant Oats

This is one of my favourite variety from Captain Oats- Instant Oats. The oats are really easy to make as you just have to add hot water to cook it instantly.

This variety  of instant oats also comes in  12 sachets of 40g each which is really good for filling one’s tummy in the office or on the go when one  travels overseas.  It is extremely  convenient way for me  to pack to fill the rumbling tummies of the kids when I am pressed for time.

Tiger girl having oats for breakfast

Tiger girl having oats for breakfast


Tiger girl with her bowl of oats

Tiger girl with her bowl of oats

I normally add a variety of fruits to the bowl of oats when I serve it to the kids in the morning.  They love the sweetness that the fruits add to the oats.

Are your kids eating oats for breakfast too?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored collaboration between Captain Oats and Dominique’s Desk. Pictures and opinions are 100% mine.