Family Bonding Over Meals

Doggie boy and me at breakfast

Doggie boy and me enjoying some cake

Spending time eating together is what the kids and I love to do. As we indulge in filling our stomach with the food prepared for the meal we get to relax  and enjoy each other’s company.

The dining table at home is the place where we spend the majority of time together. It is a place where most family bonding occur as we share our thoughts and recount the events that happened in the day.  A lot of laughter and jokes have been shared during mealtime and we catch up with what one another has been doing then.

On certain days when the kids come home early from school they help in the food preparation for dinner.

Monkey boy cutting a carrot

Monkey boy cutting a carrot

Before starting on meal preparation I make sure that he has his hands properly washed with anti bacterial soap. It only takes ten seconds and his hand is 99.9% germ free.  It is important to make sure that  food is handled hygienically and prepared properly to prevent any chance of having food poisoning.

Being 9 years old Monkey boy gets to help out in the food preparation and cooking of a portion of dinner. He not only learns a life skill of learning but also appreciates the effort it takes in creating a home cooked meal. Doggie boy and Tiger girl on the other hand help to set the table, clear and wash the dishes after meals.

Tiger girl and me

Tiger girl and me

How does your family bond?


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