AXA’s SmartFamily the Better Accident Coverage Package


The set for the event launch for AXA Family Advantage

The set for the event launch for AXA Smart Family

Early in September I was invited to attend the launch of  AXA’s Smart Family.  Held at Joyden Hall at Bugis +   the new concept in Accident insurance certainly wowed me over.  Let me tell you more about it!!

What type of insurance is it ? 

This personal accident plan for the family is like no other. It offers 8 services, designed to help minimise disruption to daily life during various stages of recovery.

Information board about AXA SmartFamily

Information board about AXA SmartFamily


As I walked into the hall there was an information board which gave a graphical explanation of the type of coverage that one gets on top of financial coverage once the individual/ family takes up the AXA Smart Family insurance.  The extra services provided start when you are discharged from the hospital and certainly come in very handy for  busy families who do not have extra help.

The host for the afternoon- Adrian Pang

The host for the afternoon- Adrian Pang

The event was kicked off by the host Adrian Pang  from FLY Entertainment who set the mood for the afternoon’s program.

 Presentation by AXA's Chief Technical Officer - Mr Johann Simon

Presentation by AXA’s Chief Technical Officer – Mr Johann Simon

Mr Johann Simon gave a presentation about the technicalities of the policy as can be seen in the above photo.

You can choose from 3 different range of sums insured ( $250,000, $500,000 and $1 Million) to suit your needs.

Customers can self-monitor and tract the cost of benefits($) they would like to claim for, as long as it is within the total coverage they purchased.

Explaining the benefits of the AXA SmartFamily Package

Explaining the benefits of the AXA SmartFamily Package

Mr Simon also gave a run down of the 8 services which are provided in the event that the insured needs assistance.

If you are injured and face difficulties during your recovery period AXA  will provide these services.

  1. Child Guardian
    – Arrange and pay to fetch your children to and from school.
  2. Home Nursing
    – Arrange and pay for a nurse to attend to your follow up treatments or therapy at home
  3. Consultation with a Therapist
    They will make appointments and payments for your therapy or rehabilitation services.
  4. Doctor’s Home Visits
    – Arrange and pay for a doctor’s visit for your follow up treatments
  5. Home Modification
    Arrange and pay for modifications to your home to accommodate your disability.
  6. Transportation for Medical Appointments
    – Arrange and pay for transportation ( I.e. Taxi Service) to the hospital/ clinics for follow up treatment.
  7. Housekeeping & Meal Services
    Arrange and pay for professional house cleaning and meal services.
  8. Consultation with a Psychologist
    – Make appointments and payment on your behalf for psychologist consultations.

I find these amazing as many other insurance companies out there do not provide such added services for their clients.

The face off challenge between Beatrice Chia and Sulami Yusoff

The face off challenge between Beatrice Chia and Suhami Yusof

To make it easier for the customer to understand about the 8 added benefits of the AXA  SmartFamily Plan there was a friendly Face OFF between Beatrice Chia  and Suhami Yusof,  also from FLY Entertainment . Both teams  had to answer a series of questions in a first to the buzzer race.

Categories which the contestants had to choose

Categories which the contestants had to choose

Held in a “Pyramid Game” style challenge the two teams were given 8 different categories where questions would be asked.  The first person who pressed the buzzer and gave the correct answer was awarded the points for the question.

The actors waiting for the stage cues

The actors waiting for the stage cues

Actors performing different skids portraying the various services

Actors performing different skids portraying the various services

To make the show more interesting there were 4  FLY Entertainment actors who had to improvise and act out short skids based on the category that was chosen by the team.

Their skits were really hilarious and entertaining and it really gave me a better idea about how AXA SmartFamily would work for me.

Singing Daddy's Home

Singing Daddy’s Home

At the end of the event we were treated to the singing of the song Daddy’s Home by a group of children and FLY Entertainment  singer Jill Marie-Thomas. The MC Adrian Pang also joined in the singing and took the song to higher heights.

A Recap of  AXA SmartFamily in Graphics

From AXA's Website

From AXA’s Website


Unsure about this product?  Listen to what these parents have to say about the AXA SmartFamily.

Disclaimer: This is an advertorial in collaboration with AXA Singapore. All opinions are 100% mine.

Stay Protected with AXA Family Advantage

R and the kids

R and the  three kids

Staying  financially protected during pregnancy, child birth and the formative years of a child is very important.  Being the main breadwinner in many cases, the dad or dad-to-be bears the brunt of any financial burden that the family may have.

From the moment of conception, throughout his wife pregnancy and beyond birth the cost of having a child can be astronomical if complications arise.

R and I didn’t have a smooth start when we embarked on our family planning back then.   We suffered two miscarriages prior to the arrival of our  first child back in 2004.


It was a really stressful period for him when we conceived a third time and really prayed that the fetus would grow normally in me this time and I will be able to get through the 9 months without any complications.

3 kids
As first time parents back then we were hoping  to go for natural delivery during the birth of our 1st child- Monkey boy.

Monkey boy’s EDD was on 3rd of March and he was  overdue when  we checked in hospital on the 4th. Little did we know that after inducing for nearly 24 hrs I was still unable to proceed with delivery and had to be wheeled in for an emergency c-section.

If only there were  suitable insurance packages for us back then. It would certainly help us defray the hefty costs that we incurred as all three children had to be delivered by C-section.  It would also give R peace of mind instead of  having him worried over our increasing financial expenditure.

The daddies and daddies to be are more fortunately these days.  AXA has unveiled a first-of-its-kind pre-natal plan package, “AXA Family Advantage”, to allow couples, when expecting a child, the flexibility to select from 8 different types of protection, savings and investment plans for themselves to prepare for the responsible role of being parents.

The plan simultaneously offers pre-natal coverage for an expectant mother, and subsequently when the child is born, the parents can choose to insure their child in a straightforward process with no health questions asked.


Contest Time 


Calling all daddies with  newborns and toddlers.  Tune in to Class 95 between 6am to 10am from now till the 17th  of September and stand a chance to win the following.

3 Weekly winners with a weekly winner being selected on the 21st of August, 28th of August and 4th of September have a chance to receive a 2-hr home cleaning session by the AXA Daddy Rescue team.  All entries also stand to win this grand prize-

  Babycation Weekend for 2 at Capella

Sentosa worth $2000!!!

Doesn’t that sound awesome!!!

All you have to do is

SMS  the following details to   76677


 and add the most creative  reason why you deserve to win this prize.

It’s that simple!!

The grand prize will be announced on the 18th of September.

Good luck!!


To learn more about AXA’s Family Advantage do visit the AXA’s website for more details.

Disclaimer:  This is an advertorial in collaboration with AXA Singapore. All opinions are 100% mine.