Keeping Motivated Blogging on a Monday

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Yesterday Sarah of Not On My Own Anymore dropped by the blog and commented  the following

Congratulations Dominique ! I hope one of these days you could write how you were able to attain the PR 3 status and how much of your day is spent on blogging . That will really help a lot especially who really want to earn from their blogs. Blessings and more power !


It feels really great to be able to inspire other bloggers to blog and show that certain blogging stats are indeed achievable.

I have been blogging for the past 10+ years and this blog dates back to 2007. Just after Doggie boy was born I decided to blog more as it helps me in chronologically listing down the kids milestones and  share my passions in education, parenting, food and photography.   I purchased my own domain and moved from to a self hosted domain. Prior to being on I was on blogspot too. I still keep those blogs even though they are now being used to note  down other important events.

Maintaing a blog and driving traffic to it needs a lot of determination and discipline.  Here are some tips which I am sharing that had help me move the blog to where it is today.

  1.  Blog regularly and have a blogging schedule which you follow.

    Set out the type of posts/themes which you want to pursue and blog about things which you are passionate about.
    I do a yearly blogging calandar and most of you who follow this blog know I do review my goals that I set monthly to see how I have been progressing.
  2. Get social. Very social!!.

    Having a blog alone is not enough. You too need to have your voice heard on other platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram , Facebook etc. Link up all your accounts so that they cross post to each other and it maximizes your reach on every post you make to your blog.

  3. Keep abreast with the latest happening in the blogsphere.Join forum and/or follow popular blogs in your niche(s). It pays to be in on the constant changes in this digital world as you be alerted to the latest blogging opportunities which are suitable for you.
  4. Take note of SEO and how to bring out your post so that it gives maximum benefit to the readers.Make your post easy to be searched and read. If your post are too lengthy break them up with pictures or create a short series on your chosen topic.
  5. Be efficient with the time you spend online.

    Since learning how to eliminate time wasters like facebook games, blog surfing etc. I keep focus to the task at hand ( Ie: churning out blog post) and complete it within the time which I allocate to myself. Being a full time mom with 3 different kids schedule to handle + housework + freelance work doesn’t give me many hours a day. I spend about 3-4 hours online each day to finish up all the necessary task which I need to do online. This time doesn’t come as a full blog but as a combination stolen minutes and hours. I do my bulk of blog posting  during my golden 1-2hr lunch time whereby all the kids are off at school. On an off throughout the day I will check my social media outlets and respond to any queries or follow up on the work schedule with my clients.


Any other motivational tips you would like to share on blogging?


Sharing with you this week the latest song by Super Junior M – Break Down.

23 thoughts on “Keeping Motivated Blogging on a Monday”

  1. Hi, I’ve always thought that it is very difficult, if not close to impossible, to make an income through blogging in Singapore. What you’ve managed to achieve is inspiring! You’ve proven that it can be done! Thanks for sharing those tips. I see that it really takes a lot of discipline, focus and passion to do what you’re doing with your blog. It’s amazing that you can do it in the midst of taking care of 3 kids and housework.

  2. Oh, and I need to come back and read the blogging tips, too……I barely post more than once per week, and am trying so hard to get myself on a schedule!

  3. Dominique! You won’t believe how surprised I am to see Super Junior’s MV at the end of this already great post, haha! They’re one of my favorite KPop groups and I’m really glad to see that you appreciate them too! 🙂

  4. I, like you find it best to have a set time to blog each day and for me it is first thing in the morning. For the weekly memes I participate, I try to write them in advance so I can schedule the post to go live on the day of the hop. This helps to keep me grounded a lot. I consider blog and myself a work-in-progress, but hope to get the wrinks ironed out in what I hope my blog will be one day. Thanks for the wonderful times and for making time out of your full schedule to dance with us on Monday’s Music Moves Me!

  5. Thanks for sharing these tips! I’ve just accomplished step 1 i.e. move from to a self-hosted site and it already took me such a long time (i still have issues which I cannot iron out!) oh well, but we have to start from somewhere! :p

  6. I blog on a regular basis as though it were a full time job but am not making money off of it. I would like to get to that point but I am learning that it takes a lot of work. What is your best tip for beginning to make some money from your site?

    1. @Ann,
      It depends on what is your strong suit/focus.. or skills which you can market. I do a variety of items..promoting my content writing services, blogging consultancy, Google Adsense, Nuffang Ads, Paid campaigns among other things.

  7. Awesome post. A lot of good information. I really enjoyed this. One other thing I remember learning is to have patience. Sometimes it starts slow (and remains that way …) but if writing, blogging, sharing, etc are your passion, sometimes the comments, likes, shares will be a distraction from the purpose in the beginning. So along with the incredible things you have listed, I would add patience and determination! Thanks for sharing!!

  8. You can’t get more motivational then these guys that’s for sure! Just listen to those screams! LOL I love it! BREAK DOWN!!!! HAHAHAHA Love these guys, and besides isn’t music the most motivational thing you know? It is in my book! Love this one! Great dancing, and I love the little girls singing and screaming. Just tickles me. Thanks for joining us once again! Sorry I had to go back and watch it again! Too cute! I’m just bouncing all over! ONly thing is I can’t sing with it because I only know two words! ~snicker-snicker~ hehehe

  9. I know that some days are harder to blog than others. I try to spend at least 2-4 hours a day blogging and sharing my posts, as well as other people’s stuff. If you don’t share other people’s work, you can expect other’s to share yours.

  10. You are a very organised person

    I am struggling with my blog. There was some delay when I exceeded the space for free use in blogger. I wanted to migrate to wordpress but find that it is a big hassle using wordpress. Stayed with blogger. Now I am posting things that happened in Aug 2012. Imagine, 7 months behind! I wanted to apply leave and spend time posting in my blog but I am struggling with work too…..

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