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Photo by photoxpress

Photo by photoxpress

This month I have been stepping up on reading as I have quite a few books left over from 2012 to review. I read some children’s books with the kids, parenting and self help books.

Here is a run down of what I have read so far.

1) The Girl who Did Not Like  Her Name

The girl who didn't like her name

The Girl Who Did Not Like Her Name by Chloe Jon Paul is a children’s book about a little girl who doesn’t like her name as it sounded foreign and was hard for her to spell.

Alessandra Teresa Petrucci found her name a handful to write. She felt that her name was too long. She couldn’t fit her name across the paper when she had to write her name on it. She wished that she had a shorter and easier name to spell.

She found her name a problem and wanted to change or even shorten her name.

It was only after visiting her grandmother and learning out from her the reason why she was named after her great great grandmother did she learn to appreciate the rich heritage behind her name.



2) Little Trouble in Tall Tree

Little Trouble in Tall Tree
Little Trouble in Tall Tree by Michael Fertik brings you into an imaginary world of babies by a first time dad. While looking at his son’s chubby cheeks he started thinking about how cool it would be the babies were actually ruthless gangsters in disguise.

Squeezy the cheeks, the ring leader of the group planned a milk heist  from a mummy milk lactation session that he would be attending on Saturday.  He and his gang had  to ensure that they carried out the heist  successfully without having any problems from their rival gang the Poppypants Boys.

The story is being told through the eyes of their latest recruit Mama’s boy who ended up learning about the actual plan which was to waste the milk supply instead of carting it off.




3) Earn it, Learn it, Teach your Child the Value of Money, Work and Time well Spent

Book cover

Earn It, Learn It: Teach Your Child the Value of Money, Work, and Time Well Spent (Earn My Keep Allowance Program) by Alisa T Weinstein is a book with lots of practical knowledge about money for kids.

In this book Alisa advocates that your child choose a career and get paid for it like a salaried worker instead of simply giving him an allowance.

Your child is to do the following

1. Select his own career from the list of careers or spell out his own preferred career.

2. Pick the tasks from the selected career and carry them out.

3. Be paid for their effort in executing the tasks.

There are a selection of careers and tasks within each career which can be chosen. Tasks can be pegged at a child’s ability and it is an excellent idea as they get to try out real world careers at their age.

4) The Money Code

The Money Code

The Money Code: Improve Your Entire Financial Life Right Now by Joe John Duran, CFA is a comprehensive short read about how you can improve your current financial situation.

In this world money is only good for these three things.

1. Avoid pain—by protecting you and helping you to take care of what you’re afraid might cause pain in the future.

2. Feel good—by getting you the things that provide you with happiness and satisfaction
3. Take care of the ones you love—by meeting your obligations to family, community, and society at large

Through the eyes of Jack one learns how to examine your life and figure out what is the most important to you at the moment and how you can adjust your currently lifestyle to achieve it.


5) Make Weight Lost Last
Make Weight Lost Last

Make Weight Loss Last 10 Solutions That Nourish Body, Mind and Soul by Deborah Kesten, P.P.H and Larry Scherwitz, Ph.D is a very different type of weight lost book. Most of the books/programs that I have seen in the market.

It advocates looking at the root of the problem and engage in a long lasting solution to eliminate the problem which leads to you overeating.

The authors talk about a person’s overeating style which can be classified as

  • Food Fretting ( Dieting and worrying about the best way to eat)
  • Task Snacking ( Eating while doing other activities)
  • Emotional Eating( Eating to counteract negative feelings)
  • Fast Foodism ( Eating  fast, processed food)
  • Solo Dining (Eating alone)
  • Unappetizing Atmosphere ( Eating under stress/ not appropriate dining conditions)
  • Sensory Disregard ( Eating quickly just to complete the meal)

Once you know which category you fall in you will be able to use the given solutions to eradicate your  problem and move towards a more healthy and fit you.


What books have you been reading lately?

Anything that you wish to recommend?

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