[Book Review]- Little Trouble in Tall Tree

Little Trouble in Tall Tree

Little Trouble in Tall Tree by Michael  Fertik brings you into an imaginary world of babies by a first time dad. While looking at his son’s chubby cheeks he started thinking about how cool it would be the babies were actually gangsters

Squeezy the cheeks, the ring leader of the group planned with the other baby gangsters in his group to hijack and make off with the milk load from a lactation session which their mommies and other mothers were attending on Saturday. They were up against the Poppypants Boys led by Harry the Rash.  “Mama’s Boy” was the new recruit to the group and was slowly learning more about the other members in the gang and how they operated.

Besides meeting up during the gang meeting sessions the  drooling, pooping babies also meet up during Story Time, Johnston Park and the Kids’ Zoo. During one of these Story Time session Mama’s Boy meets up with a girl who is in need of his protection from a stalker baby.

Mama’s Boy goes all out to protect  the lady Daisy only to know later that she too was part of the gang and was in disguise to get him to play the part of the hero saving the damsel in need.


My thoughts

Being a mother of three I too wonder at times what were on the minds of my kids when they were babies.  It would be fascinating to know what they were thinking off and the reasons behind certain actions or behaviour that they exhibited.

I love the engaging storyline written by Micheal and how he ties each character to one another. The graphics in the book are really excellent artwork and add on to the suspense in this mystery story which ended with a twist.

Little Trouble in Tall Tree makes a very entertaining read for adults irregardless of whether you are a parent or not.

I certainly recommend it.

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