Writer’s Workshop: Go For it!!



2013. A new year and time for new resolutions. This year like last year I have made up my resolutions and blogging goals which I wish to achieve this year.  I love making resolutions and goals. For me resolutions are a rough guideline to what I want to achive while goals are the more specific details on how to get about achieving them. Having both keep me focus and more discipline to get them done.

This 2013 is a year of change. I have written down my resolutions here so will not repeat them in this post.

However I’ll be listing part of them here and share out how I intend to go about achieving them.

For Myself

  1.  Focus on more healthy eating and exercising. Target weight is getting back to 60kg first.
  2. Reading up and learning more about how to use my DSLR
  3. Test out the recipes in the cook books that I have acquired in 2012.
  4. To brush up on my French and Japanese.

Specific  Monthly Goals based on the above.

In  the month of  Jan I will be attempting the following

  1. Take the stairs at least 4-5 times a week instead of the lift.
  2. Do Wii Active Sports at home twice a week during my  lunch break.
  3. Pay special attention to my diet. Am reading up some books on how to keep the weight off and proper portion control so I know how to prepare healthy meals for  myself and family.
  4. Put in two new recipes in the monthly meal planner to try out and make ( one bake and one meal)
  5. Go through my French and Japanese notes and make flash cards on certain topics for the kids.


How do you work towards your goals/resolutions?

Do you have a plan too?

Jenny Matlock Mama’s Losin’ It