[Book Review]- The Girl Who Did Not Like Her Name

Book Cover

Book Cover

The Girl Who Did Not Like Her Name by Chloe Jon Paul is the latest children’s book that I got to review.

The book is about a little girl who doesn’t like her name as it sounded foreign and was hard for her to spell.

Alessandra Teresa Petrucci found her name a handful to write. She felt that her name was too long. She couldn’t fit her name across the paper when she had to write her name on it. She wished that she had a shorter and easier name to spell.

Alessandra tried means and ways to shorten her name. She thought of going with Ales or even the initials A.T. as suggested by her teacher.

During a trip to her grandmothers she learned about the life of the great- great grandmother she was named after.  Through the stories related by her grandmother she got to know more about her great grandmother and what a powerful lady she was named after.  Alessandra also got to know why she was given her name.


In the end she accepted her name and it wasn’t a problem to her anymore.

My Thoughts

Many a times children wish for something different like a different name as they do not realize the significant behind their own name.  Unless they know the real meaning behind how their names were chosen would the child be able to accept it.

I found this a really heartwarming story about  how Alessandra was named after her great grandmother and how her parents hope her to grow up to be a women which is as strong as her great- great grandmother.

I love how Chloe explained at the end of the book that she too didn’t like the name which her parents gave her and how she managed to solve the problem on her own. There are many  people who may have names that  sound even worst then yours and the name that you had been given may not be that bad after all.

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Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.
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