Room with a View

 Room with a View

View from the Window

During our road trip in Malaysia we stopped by Port Dickson on the way back and checked into the Avillion Cove Hotel for a night.  The view from our hotel room was really spectacular. We were given the top floor of the hotel and I could enjoy the majestic sunset just looking out of the window.

 Room with a View

Part of the view from the side

For a moment it seem that I was in some far off country gazing out of the window looking at the serene sea below.

 Room with a View

The room

The kids however were less keen in the view from the window. They were more keen to check out the room instead.

 Room with a View

The other side of the room

To be more correct they were more interested in unpacking our luggage and looking for their swim suits so they can hit the hotel pool.


 Room with a View

Happy Kids at the Pool

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  1. Awesome pictures, as always. The view from the room makes or breaks it for us parents, doesn’t it? The pool makes or breaks it for the kids. If you get both, you get the perfect getaway.

  2. such a lovely place! seems to be very beautiful, peaceful and calm! nice shot you’ve got there! seems like your family enjoyed a lot.:)

  3. I love the view here. I remember our vacation in Thurder Bird Resort in La Union. The bed is so huge. Kids would love to roll around on it after a tiring swimming activity :)

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