Bumper Cars and Train Rides

Tiger girl and Doggie boy
Tiger girl and Doggie boy

During our holiday in Malaysia last month we drove up to Genting Highlands as the 2nd out of 3rd stop along our road trip. During our 2 days stay there the kids enjoyed themselves in the indoor playground.

Tiger girl is too young to go on certain rides on her on and was lucky that Doggie boy could accompany her for a go on the bumper cars.  She happily got herself strapped in while her brother took her for a spin.

The kids posing for a picture
The kids posing for a picture.

They wanted to go on a ride again after having so much fun on the bumper cars but I declined. I felt that they should maximize their 4 ride tickets which we purchased and chose another ride instead.

Taking a ride around the Eiffel Tower
Taking a ride around the Eiffel Tower

The 2nd ride which they they hopped on was this ” Thomas like train” which sped around the Eiffel tower.  Choo..Choo!!

Tiger girl , Me and Aunt B
Tiger girl , Me and Aunt B

It was freezing cold outside and the fog was really dense. It was a pity that the kids couldn’t know try out any of the outdoor rides. Maybe next time when we next visit Genting Highlands.

Have you been to any indoor theme parks lately?

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44 thoughts on “Bumper Cars and Train Rides”

  1. These photos are so colorful and really grabbed my attention. I bet all of you made some wonderful memories. Purrs and hugs from The Cat on My Head Kitties

  2. It looks like you guys had a great time. I miss my children being that age. Mine have turned into teenagers.


  3. Great shots!
    Last time I was at an amusement park I went on three rollercoasters, and the last one was the longest I’ve even been on!
    Needless to say, my old man bones got enough jostling for one day. No need for bumper cars.
    My niece would love that train ride!


  4. My kids love train rides and the bump cars. Hubby and I usually take 1 each. I bet the kids will be riding by themselves when the baby is grown up. Great photos!

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