Holisitic Learning

Holisitic Learning with Monkey Boy an Update


It has been a while since I last updated how Monkey boy has been doing. It’s now the June holidays and school is out.  From the last update we have been continuing with him doing his budget accounting and adding of a few more chores in the household.

Monkey boy ironing

Monkey boy ironing

He has just started ironing since we got a new Philips Iron. This iron is really simple to use and now at 9 yrs old he is old enough to start ironing his own school uniform.  I’ll be training him how to iron more different types of clothes in the near future.

Baking muffins

Baking muffins

I have been also teaching Monkey boy to do more different bakes in the kitchen. Besides the simple chocolate cake he now is able to bake blueberry muffins too.  He enjoys helping out in the kitchen and  it is great that he is enthusiastic in learning how to cook and bake.

If ever he needs to go for a camp  or in the future when he does stay on his own I do know that he will be able to keep house and won’t starve as he knows how to cook 🙂

On the academic front he has been doing pretty well with his grades.  For this semester he has maintained a Grade 1 average and is within the top 10 percent of his cohort. I do hope that he will be able to get top 3 position or even higher in standard this year.

What have you been doing with your kids?

Holisitic Learning with Doggie Boy


Since attending the assessment sessions at Thinkersbox with the boys  I have been carrying out their follow up activities with Doggie boy to improve on his Auditory Attention.

One of the suggested activities was the following.
Listening to ‘key words’ in a story

Pick any story or passage and read it to the child (a story that the child is interested in)

Decide on a ‘key’ word that the child needs to listen out for (choose a common word that is likely to come up many times in
the passage – such as ‘the’, ‘she’, ‘we’, etc)

As you read through the story or passage, the child needs to count how many times the key word was being said (the child can either use their fingers to count (if key word will appear less than 10 times) or write ‘1’ on a piece of paper every time they hear the key word.
At the end of the story or passage, check the child ’s answer by going through the story together with the child again (this can also help improve word recognition and reading skills)

Stella Strawberry The Fruit of Love book cover

Book Cover

Stella Strawberry The Fruit of Love is one of the books which I tried the activity with Doggie boy. The word that I had chosen was “LOVE” which could be found all throughout the book. Sometimes the word is repeated a few times on the same page. Doggie boy used his fingers to count the number of times the word appeared but he soon ran out of fingers and lost count when it went beyond 10 times.  It was a good first attempt on his part though to listen actively for the chosen word.


Photo courtesy  of Tales4all.com

Photo courtesy of Tales4all.com

The second time that we tried this activity I decided to use a different medium- audio books. The Treebob Audio Books are a great selection of books for kids to listen to.  Each story is 15-16 minutes long and is entertaining enough to sustain a child’s interest in the storyline. Before letting Doggie boy listen to the story I told him that I was looking out for the number of instances that the main character- Rotten Rina had her name mentioned.

On this occasion he was able to accurately tell me the number of times the name was mentioned. Doggie boy was also able to relate the storyline to me after listening to the story.

I will be doing more audio books and reading of varied types of book with Doggie boy in weeks to come. Hopefully these activities will lead to a further improvement in his auditory skills.

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