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Philips AVENT launches NEW Comfort Breast Pump and Natural Bottles

Philip AVENT  Comfort Range Launch

Philips AVENT Comfort Range Launch


Philips AVENT, the leading brand recommended by mothers, celebrated the first redesign of its bottles in 29 years with a Baby Shower last week.  It was a baby shower with a difference as we got an introduction to their latest range – THE Philips AVENT Natural range of milk bottles. I had been using AVENT bottles with the boys and were interested to learn what new changes they had to their product this year.

The range of bottles and breast pumps

The  new range of bottles and breast pumps


Designed to be as close as possible to nature with both BPA-free and premium quality glass bottle option mother’s are spoilt for choice. The new Natural Bottle features a wide, breast-shaped teat that promised high acceptance and an almost instant latch on, as well as prevention of nipple and teat confusion when mothers switch between bottles and breastfeeding. The bottles too are clinically proven to reduce colic in newborns.

The new  Comfort Breast Pumps are really very compact and easy to handle. I ‘ve stopped using the breast pump now that Tiger girl is much older but if she was a newborn it would certainly have come in really handy. It was extremely lightweight and easy to manipulate. They  have soft silicon petals to gently massage the breast to stimulate the let-down reflex, encouraging milk flow and supply. There is also a bigger suction funnels to accommodate mothers with bigger and fuller breasts. This is certainly a plus point if I am still using breast pumps.

The presentation

The presentation


At the shower we were given a short presentation about the history of the milk bottles and there was also a pop quiz about the use of their products. It was interesting to learn how mothers in the ancient times use to feed their babies milk and how the contraption used evolved into the present day milk bottle. Did you know that the as early as 2000 BC there were earthenware cups specially designed and used to feed babies?

Tiger girl enjoying herself at the event

Tiger girl enjoying herself at the event

Being a family friendly event, Tiger girl was entertained by the two babysitters that the company hired and busied herself colouring  and playing with toys while I listed to the presentation.  She even took part in the Q & A session and won herself a cute little food warmer back to bring her snacks to school.

Baby Changing Area

Baby Changing Area

There was a neat looking baby changing area where you could try out their products like the sterilizer, food warmers and food processor.

The diaper changing station

The diaper changing station

This station really came in handy especially for the mothers who brought along their young babies.

Glorious Food

Glorious Food


There was a great spread of food served up for the baby shower.  The waiters were very hospitable and attentive. Tiger girl was  glad that the waiters there were able to understand her and gave her a glass of orange juice when she requested for one.  She happily came over and told me ” Mummy I got my drink myself!!” when I told her to get a glass since she was thirsty.

The SMB mummy bloggers at the event.

The SMB mummy bloggers at the event.

I met up with of the other mummy bloggers from the SMB who were also present at the event. It was great to see them and their kids.

Avery the Bear

Avery the Bear


Tiger girl was extremely thrilled when she opened up the take home gift that we had from AVENT. She loves the spunky looking Avery bear  and it’s her current favourite  stuff bear which occupies the coveted spot next to her on her bed.


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Family Bonding Over Nature


seaside view

Stepping into nature is something that it is easy for us living in Singapore. There are many different parks at our doorstep and we are simply spoiled for choice.  One of our favourite family activities is to bring  the kids to the various parks around our island. Many of the parks are located near waterways or even the seaside so one can  take in the sights of both land and sea at the park.

This month we visited  Labrador park  with the kids during the weekend.  It has been nearly 3 years since we last visited the park and it was great to let them revisit this park.  We played  the game ” I Spy” with the kids and went around looking and identifying the various flora and fauna at the park.

purple flowers

The beautiful tiny flowers we saw.

It is really amazing what one can come across during a walk in the park. There are so much to see and so many things to learned. It was like a hands on biology lessons for the kids as we talked about  how plants grow and their life cycle.


The mushrooms we spotted

The kids were introduced to fungi when I spotted these mushrooms blooming among the grass. They were intrigued to see them up close and wondered if they were edible. It was a good opportunity to educate them that not all wild grown plants are edible and best not to pluck and digest them when they are unsure.

R pushing tiger girl in her pram

Tiger girl is still unable to walk too much for long distances so we popped her in a stroller and she enjoyed the sights as we walked along.  However she didn’t stay in the stroller for long when she spotted this contraption at the park.

the kids at the playground

Any trip to a park will be incomplete without a round at the playground.  You could see the kids eyes light up as they dashed towards the slides. They had one of the highest slides which I have seen at an outdoor playground. The tallest slide was at least  as high  as a 3rd  floor apartment!!  Everyone took turns going down the long slide, including the adults, and we had lots of fun.

Do you bond with your kids over nature too?

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