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The Mozzie Wipeout in 5 Simple Steps

Dengue Cases This week

Dengue Cases This week in Singapore

Dengue Fever has been on the rise this year.  5023 cases have been reported to date since Jan 2013 and then numbers are still rising. You just have to look at the statistics above and you would be alarmed that nearly 500 cases has been reported in the past week alone!! The figures for 2013 so far have already exceeded the  4632 cases which were reported in 2012.

Living in one of the hot spots for Dengue fever  as identified by the “hotspots” shown on the Dengue website has put me on the alert. The area is defined as code RED by the Color Coded Alert System and it has made me extremely worried and cautious about my living environment.

It would be a real nightmare if any of the kids came down with Dengue fever as I  know first hand how the disease can really deplete your health when my late grandfather came down with Dengue fever seven years ago.  He suffered from low levels of blood platelets and had to be hospitalized for over a week when he was stung by an Ades Mosquito. It was a really horrific episode for the family as he was seriously ill during that episode.

The spread of the Dengue Fever is through the Ades Mosquito. It can be stopped if we all play our part in preventing the mosquito from breeding by removing the  stagnant water around us.

To heighten  Public awareness of the importance for Dengue prevention, NEA kicked off it’s  Mozzie Wipeout Campaign at Senga Cashew CC and 3 other locations on the 28th of April. I was there at Senga Cashew CC  to witness the kick-off and to see first hand how we can play our part by actively participating in this campaign.


Fight Dengue Together

Fight Dengue Together by doing the Mozzie Wipeout


The 5-Step Mozzie Wipeout, which NEA is advocating  takes only  5 minutes to complete.

The steps include:

  • Change water in vases/bowls on alternate days
  • Turn over all water storage containers
  • Remove water from flower pot plates on alternate days
  • Clear blockages and put BTI insecticide in roof gutters monthly
  • Cover bamboo pole holders when not in use

You can watch the video below to see the steps in action.

If you would like to have  the latest community updates and read stories on the experiences of dengue survivors head over to the  Stop Dengue Now Facebook page. You can also   follow @NEAsg on twitter for live updates.

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Philips AVENT new Natural Bottles

The gift package

The gift package

A few weeks before  the Philips AVENT launch we received this package from the organizers with the baby shower invitation. Upon unraveling  the package I was thrilled to see a selection of bottles which I could test  out with Tiger girl.

AVENT Comfort Bottles

AVENT Comfort Bottles

There has been changes in the design of the bottle since the last time I used it with the boys.  The bottle is lighter and more ergonomically friendly for the little hands. It is also BPA free.

The new designed teat Photo by Philip AVENT

The new Natural range  features a wide, breast-shaped teat promises high acceptance and an almost instant latch on, as well as preventing nipple and teat confusion when mothers switch between bottles and breastfeeding.

The new unique comfort petals and silicone teat with high flexibility and stretch, preventing teat collapse and a more natural and uninterrupted feed.

The new, advanced anti-colic Natural bottle not only prevents, leaks but also reduces colic. This makes the bottle  extremely useful for younger babies who may suffer from the discomforts related to colic.

My eldest, Monkey boy suffered from colic when he was a baby. It was one of the reasons why we chose to use AVENT bottles back then. It was a decision which I never regretted.


Having a colicky baby is something which added on the stress of being a new mother back then and luckily the discomforts he suffered were minimized through the use of AVENT bottles.

I love how the teats  in this new design are much softer and comfortable to suck on as compared to the old design. The parts of the bottle dismantle easily making cleaning it a breeze.

It would be good if they had even bigger sizes available for older kids like Tiger girl as I had to refill her milk bottle twice each time she uses it as the max capacity is only 260ml.


Tiger girl trying out the bottle

Tiger girl trying out the bottle

Tiger girl took to the new bottle instantly and has been asking to have her milk in it nightly. She is able to hold the bottle easily with her hands and the bottle doesn’t leak even though she tilts it while drinking. It is light enough for her to hold and finish up the milk. However she had some trouble removing the cap of the bottle by herself and needs assistance to get it off.

Holding the bottle with one hand

Holding the bottle with one hand

Tiger girl is certainly one happy girl as she loves her new milk bottle.


Philips AVENT Natural  bottles can be purchased from all major department stores.

However it can be quite costly as the prices are as follows:

125ml/4 oz retails at $17.90 (Single pack) or $30.90 (Twin pack)

260ml/ 9 oz retails at $20.90 (Single pack) or $36.90 (Twin Pack)

Philips Banner

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