Reflections on 2016

2016 has been a year of radical changes for me.  Changes have occurred on many different spectrum for me. It has been a 360 degrees re-alignment of my goals and direction in life as I journeyed through various different obstacles that were hurled my way like a tornado.

This year  I made new connections and prune away all the toxic connections that I had with me. I reaffirmed the decisions that I have made and can say that I have no regrets about what was done as it was necessary for growth that I desired.

I revamped many aspects of my life and had immense clarity in many areas of my life.   Looking back at how 2016 I’m really pleased that the measures that I had put in placed had worked out for me and the kids.

In January 2016 I chose the one word to concentrate on.

One Word- Wisdom

One Word- Wisdom

I wrote the following.

I seek to gain more wisdom in

  • the Bible
  • Leading the kids in their walk with GOD
  • knowing how to communicate efficiently with the kids.
  • building up passive income
  • motivating  the people around me to achieving excellence
  • different languages
  • how to become a better me.

Out of all in the list I can proudly said that I have completed all of the following. I have been reading the bible more often and completed numerous bible studies with the online Facebook study group which I joined.  I read up more books and implemented techniques which I felt may work with the kids in developing them into better individuals.  The emphasis these days is on leadership and soft skills and that is what I am focusing on with the kids.


Tiger girl and me

Tiger girl and me

I’ve joined another network marketing company and started building up the potential of creating passive income for our family while improving on the kids and my health with the super foods that the company provides.

Looking back on the resolution which I set in January I’ve  did all I set out and more.  The kids and me visited many new places and had lots of new  and memorable experiences

  1. Focus more on ME. – My well being and growth
  2. Increasing my spiritual knowledge.
  3. Spend more quality time with my 3 kids
  4. Going on 2  trips
  5. Reading more books. I target 20 books.


Yellow cluster bloom

Yellow cluster bloom

I  didn’t have as much time as I wanted to pursue my passion in macro photography however with the limited time which I had I managed to snap some fantastic blooms like the one above.

Reviewing my goals quarterly allowed me to keep on task and ensured that I was carrying out the tasks which I set myself out to do. As each quarter progressed I tweaked my plans and did the adjustments for optimal results.


Mother's Day Card

Mother’s Day Card

This year is the 13th year I’ve celebrated Mother’s day.  Motherhood has certainly changed me a lot and made me much stronger especially being a single parent.

I have to deliberately carve up time from the already hectic schedule to spend 1-on- 1 time with each kid so that I can see to their holistic development.


Doggie boy and me

Doggie boy and me

I’ve grown to be less tolerant to individuals who disrupt the dynamics of the family with their own personal agenda.

I’ve decided that people who put their focus on money instead of GOD and relationships are not people who I want to associate with as they do not have the correct mentality nor values.

You can say that I’m very traditional in the aspect as my focus has been and will always be

1st- God

2nd- Family

3rd Career.


The kids and me

The kids and me

Turning 38 this year I’ve found that I have no time to play around with “little “people.

I believe wholeheartedly leading through action and that means to walk the talk even though the path maybe fraught with dangers and traps.

NATO ( No Action Talk Only) individuals do not deserve any respect nor consideration in my book. They have no credibility and do not need to be there to complicate and already complex life of mine.

Focusing on GOD has given me the clarity which I was seeking and I’ve experience him answering my prayers to him this year.

Even though this year was an extremely challenging year for me and the kids given the changes  the kids are growing up fine.

We have been blessed with good health , food and have been able to travel to many different places this year.


Tiger girl and me

Tiger girl and me

I’ve learned not to take life so seriously and play more with the kids instead of focusing more on their academic development.

I’m also more focus on myself by spending more time and effort on my own well-being. I’ve changed up my diet, started exercising more regularly and got myself a personal trainer to keep my fitness activities in check.


Doggie boy and me

Doggie boy and me

Casting my worries all to GOD has really relieved the burden that I had been carrying around with me.  He has given me the tools to cope and I’m really blessed to have accepted Christ into my life.

I’m looking forward to 2017 as I’m certain that it will be a excellent year for me.

How was 2016 for you?