Funny Faces with Tiger Girl

Tiger girl and me

Tiger girl and me


Hanging out with Tiger girl is what I like doing best. It’s great having a girl as I get to do all the typical mother and daughter bonding activities with her.

We have loads of fun window shopping, going for tea, doing our nails and hair etc.

She is growing up really fast and is no longer the helpless needy baby that she once was.  She has lost all her baby fat and now  sports her own unique look.

Tiger girl can be very vocal and assertive  and is slowly developing as an individual.

I love how she eagerly embraces any challenges that comes her way and  is hunger for learning new things.

She is at an age whereby the world is her oyster and she is slowly understanding what interests her and what doesn’t.

It is really enjoyable seeing the sparkle  in her eye when  she understands what she is being thought.  Having pieces of a puzzle fit together unlock

How do you bond with your daughter?

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