Writer’s Workshop: One Word- WISDOM

One Word- Wisdom
One Word- Wisdom

2015 was a year of change for me and looking back. This year will be a year for me to focus on gaining wisdom.  Gaining insides to things that I still lack knowledge of and learning to handle certain situations is what I certainly seek.

Wisdom  comes after one has experience and learned in life. It is something that is accumulated in time.

I seek to gain more wisdom in

  • the Bible
  • Leading the kids in their walk with GOD
  • knowing how to communicate efficiently with R and the kids.
  • building up passive income
  • motivating  the people around me to achieving excellence
  • different languages
  • how to become a better me.

There are many decisions that one has to make on a daily basis which may drastically alter the fortunes that one faces.  Wisdom is certainly important to make sure that one makes the RIGHT  decisions.

What is your one word for 2016?

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9 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: One Word- WISDOM”

  1. Hi. Love your word for the year. I am still thinking on one word for my year. I hope you have a wonderful year ahead. Stopping by from the link up. Have a wonderful day. 🙂

  2. Wisdom sounds like a great word of the year! I’m sure we could all read a little more. I’m enjoying reading about Solomon right now.

  3. Wisdom is a good word for the year. It impacts every single thing we do or say, every day. I need to exercise it before I scarf down a bunch of chips and salsa while I’m making dinner, haha. Stopping by from Mama Kat’s :-).

  4. What a great list! It is certainly true that wisdom helps in each category. I think that if you gain wisdom in the bible first, you’ll have wisdom to deal with all the other things.

    Happy 2016!

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