Resolutions for 2016


Resolutions for 2016

Resolutions for 2016

2016. The start of another new year. The start of a new challenge.  New job, changes and a more intensive schedule for me and the kids.

Last year had been a year full of distractions for me. This year I’m working towards a greater consistency and being able to cross out more on my lists.

I’ve realized that certain items which were put on the previous years resolutions are simply not possible to be completed within a span of a year. They would work out better as  part of an ongoing routine especially items like healthy eating and de-cluttering.

Reflecting on 2015 there are a few things which I would be doing differently this year. Starting with a new focus  and routine.

This 2016 I am to do the following

  1. Focus more on ME. – My well being and growth
  2. Increasing my spiritual knowledge.
  3. Spend more quality time with my 3 kids
  4. Going on 2  trips
  5. Reading more books. I target 20 books.

What are your resolutions for 2016?