Respect Your Children

Respect Your Children - Jay Scott Fitter

Respect Your Children – Jay Scott Fitter

Respect Your Children: A Practical Guide To Effective Parenting by Jay Scott Fitter is the latest parenting book which I have read.

Bringing up your child is never an easy task. There are so many thing that we need to know and it is only by trial and error that we get to learn what works best for each individual child in nurturing them.

In Jay’s book he covers the following topics

– Communications

– Discipline vs Punishment

– Parenting at different ages

– Role Modeling

– Taking care of yourself

Many problems are the result of breakdown in communications or ineffective communication between parent and child.  In the book practical information is given on how a parent can   show respect to their child while communicating with them.

By giving your child full attention and really listening to what he/she has to say really goes a long way. Asking age appropriate questions and giving relevant responses based on the maturity level of the child will break down or prevent and communication barriers.

Jay gives suggestions  and examples in his book  in dishing out consequences  to the kids for breaking rules.  I have tried this reward and consequence  method with my kids  and it does really work in reducing the errant behavior. Even though it doesn’t ensure that the bad behavior or action gets irradiated immediately it is certainly a step in the right direction.

He tells parents that you don’t need to be “prefect” and everyone has fail moments in their parenting. What they need to remember is that to accept their failures and also  teach their child how to handle theirs.

There are many different challenges that we have to face as the kid grows up and moves into adulthood. Jay gives the reader an overview of what to expect  while a child grows up in his book.

My thoughts. 

I found this book a refreshing read. Although I have read many parenting books over the years there is still something  to be learned from this book.

I love the idea of getting the kids to draw a family circle so that you know in their mind what is the relative value they gave to each member of the family.

Reading though Jay’s book reminded me on how important  it is to be there for your child and to be a good role model while nurturing him.

Even though we do invest a lot of energies in taking care of our kids we too need to take an active part in taking care of ourselves. If we personally are worn out we will not be performing at our optimal levels and it indirectly would affect our relationships with our kids.

Do get a copy if you wish to read about all that Jay has to share.

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