Writer’s Workshop: Zee Best Picks This Month

New water bottles purchased for the kids
New water bottles purchased for the kids

I have been doing a lot of  shopping lately.  I’ve been visiting the websites like  Amazon, iHerb and Taobao  a few online shops very frequently. You can say that I’ve already completed purchasing all the Christmas presents  that I wish to get this year for the family.

This year I’ve decided to start shopping early so that I can make sure that all my purchases arrive before we leave for our year end holidays.

I bought these new Lock and Lock water bottles  which I ordered from Taobao ( Shown above) for the kids. I love that they there is no drinking straw and really easy to clean. I used to struggle with cleaning the kids water bottles as they came with those irreplaceable straws which collected a lot of dirt and were impossible to clean at places.  These water bottles  have a small sprout so that water doesn’t  spurt all over  or spill easily when the kids drink from it.  There is also a cover so that the spouts are kept clean.

Customised Family braclets
Customised Family bracelets

Adeline’s Loft  is the place that I go to whenever I’m seeking to expand my jewelry collection.  I love that she is able to customize orders and makes really lovely pieces.

This year I wanted something special and meaning for the family. I got Adeline to customize a set of bracelet for each one of us.  Each member of the family has a bracelet made in his/her favourite colors and there are elements in the bracelet which are unique to each individual and common as a family.

Each bracelet has a heart on it to symbolize  our love for each other and GOD.  The girl’s bracelet and mine have  pink hearts on it  while the boys have a silver heart like their dad’s one.

The word HOPE talks about our hope for our kids and for them to have hope for their own future while the 3 crosses on the adult bracelets represents the crosses that we have to bear for each kid.

What are your most recent favorite things?


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11 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: Zee Best Picks This Month”

  1. I been planning to start shopping early for Christmas, but its been second week of November but haven’t done any yet. I’m also a big fan of Amazon and personalized jewerly.. So cute Sis, def. great picked!:)

  2. I like giving (and receiving, of course!) personalized gifts! Adeline’s sounds like my kinda store, thanks for the share.

  3. Looks like you like the best, Dominique. My best is a gone tooth that didn’t want to give up (yesterday). And a foot that is getting better after Mrs. Jim’s friend ran over it and stopped her car on top of it. BAD

  4. I like the idea of shopping for Christmas gifts ahead of time. Planning is very essential. I have also done my Christmas shopping list and have purchased vouchers online for giveaways this season.

  5. Oh those are nice. I am also a frequent visitors online shops lately. I am looking of what to give for Christmas. And I am also eyeing a new dining set. Hopefully we will have enough funds to buy the design I want.

  6. Nice idea on the bracelet. They kinda remind me of Pandora. My friends add trinkets to their Pandora braceltes that have meaning in their life.

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