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Our new wedding bands

Our new wedding bands

This month was a month of shopping for me. I was revamping the kids wardrobes and sprucing up pockets around the house.   I purchased quite a lot of new items for everyone but the item which I love the most was the new set of wedding bands which R and I bought to replace our existing ones.

The wedding bands which we used to wear was bought way back in 2000 when we decided to get married.  It was a pair of simple  identical platinum bands which we spotted in a jewellery shop in Hong Kong.

R and I can still use the bands however the coating on the white gold band has long tarnished and has been recently causing us minor skin irritation. The bands were a discomfort to wear and therefore we decided that we should get a new set.

We decided to get a new set which represents how we are now in our relationship. The new set of wedding bands were to be a reaffirmation of how we feel for each other.  We are the same  but yet different two people who have pledge to spend our earthly lives together.  We are focusing on our own unique identity as individuals who are connected with each other.

We decided on different bands and chose what we liked.  My band had diamonds while his was black. The bands were the same yet different.

It felt really nice to be shopping for wedding bands  and I felt like a teenager all over again.  This time I got the bands engraved as the first set wasn’t engraved at all.

R & R 16.06.2001

 What did you buy this month that you love?

Is there a story behind that item as well?


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