Vibrant Living by Molly Shattuck

Vibrant Living Book Cover

Vibrant Living Book Cover

Vibrant Living by Molly Shattuck is a book that shows you how easy it is to live life healthy and vibrantly.  There is no need for crash dieting or putting your body under extreme ” torture” just to achieve that magical number or size.

It is actually quite simple. You just need to take note of the four pillars to vibrant living

1st Pillar- Water

2nd Pillar- Exercise

3rd Pillar- Eating  Real

4th Pillar-  Living for others.

In 21 days it is possible to see a change in yourself if you follow what Molly has suggested in her 21  Day Action Plan.

Before you start yourself on the 21  Day Action Plan Molly has a questionnaire which one must fill in which helps you define your personal goals and how you  intend to go about in achieving your goals.

Each day Molly gives inspirational tips and  shows a series of exercises that one can do to make up the 30 minutes of exercise required to keep healthy.  There are also simple recipes at the back of the book together with a sample grocery list to get your started.

My thoughts

I really enjoyed reading this book. Molly Shattucks guide is really simple and easy to follow and something that is really “do-able” as compared to the other weight lost books that I have read so far.

I have been struggling with weight lost for the past two years since the birth of Tiger girl in 2010 and still have about 10kg to get back to ideal weight.

This book really came at the right time and I will be putting myself on Molly’s 21 day action plan starting tomorrow 🙂

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