1-2-3 Magic Teen- Book Review

1-2-3 Magic Teen

1-2-3 Magic Teen

Dealing with a teenager is much different from toddlers or pre-schoolers. It is a whole new ballgame.

In  1-2-3 Magic Teens-Communicate , Connect and Guide your Teenager to Adulthood the author touches on how the average parent can give the best guidance to their maturing child.

Parenting a Teenager is a whole new ball game as compared to a younger kid. They are at a stage where they are discovering themselves and are very vulnerable to the different emotions which they may face.

In the book  Phelan  explains  about Straight Thinking in Part 1. In the first five chapters he brings one through the teenager’s mind. There are many dangers that the teenager face today which were non-existent in the past.

As a child grows up there are many different things which they face.  They are learning more about themselves and may face  many different frustrations as they develop their own identity.

At this stage in time it is time to change your job description as a parent from a director to a consultant.

The goal now is to give them the skills to develop their independence and so they be able to cope with all the tribulations in life.

In the other five parts he shows how one can deal with their teenager by changing their mindset together with yours.

There is need to set a scale for the punishment for different types of offences. It is a thin line between what is acceptable and unacceptable in a teenagers line. They can be very set with their thinking

My thoughts

It is a really new experience for me dealing with a tween. The dynamics between parent and child has changed quite a fair bit. It has been a rather trying experience for me figuring Monkey boy out.

Phelan’s book gave me a clearer perceptive on what to expect throughout the teenage years with the main objections/ problems that most parents may face.

It was a really refreshing book and certainly worth looking at if you too have kids who are approaching their teens.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.