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Tiger girl and Daddy

Tiger girl and Daddy

Tiger girl is one lucky girl. The princess and baby of the family she is doted on by both grandparents and constantly showered with gifts. She has tons of pre-loved  and new clothes, toys, accessories and bags given by friends and relatives. She has much more material possessions than I had at her age and is still adding to her collection.  She is really showered with love from everyone of the family.

At a tender age of three she is a well seasoned traveler. She has been to  Bali Indonesia, Phuket, Thailand, Taipei, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Korea (Twice!!) and various  different states in  Malaysia.  She has traveled around in cars, buses, trains, planes and on ferries. She certainly has more chops on her passport then her brothers or even I had at her age.

Even though many say at this age they may not remember the various places that you may bring them too however seeing the joy on her face and knowing that she is enjoying herself while making new experiences is priceless.  She contributes to the family in her own helpful ways and certainly has brighten up our lives. You can say that she deserves to be “spoiled”.


Are your kids “spoiled too”

Do you believe in “spoiling” your kids at times?


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