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Pink Bloom
Pink Bloom

This is the week to celebrate love with Valentines Day falling on Friday. .  The malls are all decked out with hearts and other romantic decorations. Love songs are played more often on the radio and I hear lots of love dedications on the air during lunchtime.

There has been an overdose on Love Songs at home too.  This year I’ve received my Valentines’ Day present early in the form of CNBlue’s Latest Album.  The kids too have been humming and singing along to the tunes on the CD.

Love Girl sung by Jung Yong Hwa  is  the boys favourite track on that CD.  I really wonder in years to come which girl will they be singing this song to.

Listening to the love songs by CNBlue at home  made me recall the presents and flowers that I had received on Valentine’s Day.

I remember that one  particular year R went off to work in the morning as usual. I wasn’t expecting any thing from him and was surprised to see a bouquet of blue roses  delivered to me at work.

Blue roses are my personal favourite  and had to be ordered in advance. It is one of the most expensive also. If blue roses are not available  I  wouldn’t mind getting roses in Peach or Pink too.  (HINT HINT!!)

Another year he made a love dedication in print in our local newspapers. ( I still have the cut out in a folder with the rest of the love notes that I have received from him over the years)

R and I  haven’t been  celebrating Valentines Day  on Valentine’s Day itself these few years . We believe that  celebrating love should be restricted to just one day in a year but an ongoing process. Love is not something which can be quantified and certainly grows and matures through the ages.

How do you celebrate love?

Anything special  planned for this weekend?


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22 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: Much Loved”

  1. Ordering those blue roses ahead of time was really thoughtful.

    When my husband was alive we never went out on Valentine’s Day. Places were too busy and the day before or day after was just fine. Like you said…it was just one day.

  2. that’s so sweet! Since I live by myself now, I was thinking of getting some flowers, just for the heck of it. Maybe I’ll wait till the weekend. Funny about the boys! {:-D

  3. “We believe that celebrating love should be an ongoing process. Love is not something which can be quantified and certainly grows and matures through the ages.” — I agree. Very well said. And oh, R is so sweet! You are so lucky! 🙂 Happy heart’s day. 🙂

  4. great post! I bribe my family with good food and things they love. haha. That is half true , other than that I like to spend time with them eating. I think we are most happy when we are eating.
    we are hanging around the house unless we are able to go to Tahoe for a couple of days.
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  5. I also had a newspaper dedication one year, many many moons ago! Haha! Such wonderful memories of Valentine’s Day.. many more sweeter years to come! 🙂

  6. are blue roses real? anyway, i certainly think that love should be shared and celebrated everyday. small acts of kindness will suffice to show to your significant other or your family that you care for them.

  7. Awww….that was so sweet! Honestly, I haven’t seen blue roses yet. lol It must be very expensive as it is very rare. For me, I would go for white or yellow. Greeting on a local paper is really awesome! Happy Love Day to you both!

  8. Your hubby is so sweet. That love note in the newspaper is epic. I wish all husbands are like yours. 🙂 This year, my hubby and I were not able to celebrate by ourselves. Instead, we went out with our three kids, which was great just the same. 🙂

  9. Its nice to know that you had a nice time 🙂 Belated Happy Valentines!

    hopping from Mama kat’s Writing Workshop.Hope you can drop by to my blog too and comment 🙂 im also open for link exchange. Godbless you!!!

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