Writer’s Workshop: Quite Occupied focusing on Goals

Rainbow across the skies of New Zealand

Rainbow across the skies of New Zealand. Photo taken by R

Setting Goals is what I do very often. In fact, I started of the year doing my yearly resolutions.  I set a  rough frame work for the areas that I would like to tackle, then I got into the specifics on how  I will go about achieving it.

I feel that it is important to set goals and targets so that there is something to work towards.  It gives me some direction  on what to focus on.   Meaning is given to  the actions taken and there is a measure to gauge it’s effectiveness.

Setting goals gives me something tangible for me to measure whether I have been productive. I am  given feedback on whether  the techniques that I have been using are producing my desired results. If they haven’t been effective it is time that I changed my approach or seek new methods of implementation.

It is like building up the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Hard work and determination  are the key factors in achieving it. Luck and seizing the opportunities that come your way would certainly help you in moving towards your target too along your way.

Paint brushes in a mug

Paint brushes in a mug

These few months I have been busy painting the fabrics of my life.  I’ve been making it more colorful by adding in more meaningful activities that  have enriched my life.

I have been de- cluttering physically and mentally. It has been extremely refreshing to remove all the “excess baggage” that I have been carrying around. I feel rejuvenated and ready to face any obstacles that are thrown my way.

One of the goals that I had set was to lead a more spiritual life and have a closer walk with GOD. For the month of September I have joined a online prayer group and have been examining the book of Esther with the rest of  the group members.  Being in the prayer group has also helped me seek new understanding of the scripture and actively apply it to daily living.

Most of the items that I have been looking forward to happening in 2014 have already materialized and I’m certain by year end I will be able to cross out all of those that were listed.

Even though certain goals like getting back to ideal weight are still making snail’s progress I am not disheartened and I’m sure that they will be achievable by my estimated date. I have already altered my eating habits and cut off a lot of processed and unhealthy foods from our daily meals.  ( For the record I am still 6kg away from my desired 60kg).  I just need to be more diligent in exercising more regularly and monitoring my  diet.

What are you doing to achieve your goals? 




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