Jake and Miller’s Big Adventure

Jake and Miller's Big Adventure

Jake and Miller’s Big Adventure

Jake and Miller’s Big Adventure: A Prepper’s Book for Kids by Bernie Carr is a really interesting book for kids age 4-7 year old.

Miller is Jake’s dog and both of them love to go on adventures together.  Early in the morning Jake work Miller up and told him that they were going on an adventure together.

Miller was quite hesitant on going on an adventure.  He rather stay at home in bed then go outdoors with Jake.  He was worried about not having enough food to eat,  not having fresh water to drink, getting bitten by bugs and not having a place to sleep among other things.

Jake assured his dog that there is nothing to worry about. He would bring along sufficient food for both himself and Miller. He would also  bring along water bottles with build in filters and pack a tent where they could sleep comfortably in.

He would bring flashlights with extra batteries, bug repellent. Mylar sleeping bags to keep them warm in the cold and even a hot air balloon to travel in if they got tired of walking.  Jake had everything planned out for the big adventure he will be having with Miller.

My thoughts

I found this children’s story book really fun to read together with  Tiger girl, my three year old.  Both of us really enjoyed the story and also the illustrations with accompanied each page of the storybook.

The story helps stimulate a child’s imagination and shows that you need not be afraid and it is never to early to start prepping.  If you are prepared nothing can be too difficult or scary to handle.

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