Writer’s Workshop: You Can Say that Again

Tiger girl and Me

Tiger girl and Me


Being a kid really has lots of privileges which evaporate once you become and adult. What that used to be tolerable or dismissed by others suddenly becomes  unacceptable.

Here are some of the things that they can say and get away with.

  1. I can’t walk anymore.
    (Translated- You have to carry me)
  2. I have no hands!!
    (Translated- I want you to serve me- feed me, get my things for me)
  3. I don’t know how to do it. It’s too difficult
    (Translated- I want you to do it for me)
  4. Why is he so fat? He needs to go on a diet.
  5. You must be at least 100 yrs old right? You’re seriously so “OUT”(dated)
    (Translated: Go away you old person. You bug me!!)
  6. I’m only a kid!!
    (Translated: I’m not expect to understand this and don’t wish to understand it too..cut me some slack!!)
  7. Why are you not married?
    (Translated: Darn.. I lose out on another opportunity to collect red pocket money from you during Chinese New Year.)
  8. No.. I cannot sleep alone.
    ( Translated: I prefer to sleep on your bed with/without you)
  9. Mummy I like the bracelet that you are wearing. I want the  exact same one.
    (Translated: I want your bracelet. Give it to me.)
    * To prevent this from happening again I’ve gotten exact copies of Mom and daughter bracelets for Tiger girl and me.

Are your kids like my kids?

What are the things that your kids

say and get away with?


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