Writer’s Workshop: What Did you say Mummy?

Tiger girl painting


“What did you say mummy?” asked Tiger girl

“Am I to paint this side or the other side of the box?” she asked.

“You can paint any side of the box that you like dear” I replied

Tiger girl goes on to dab her brush into the blue paint on the palette.

“Mummy I want more colour!!” she requests.

” I want green,” she asks while pointing to the tube of green paint on the table.

I opened up the tube and poured some into the palette.

” I want yellow!!” she ordered next. ” No I want black”

I  hold up both tubes to her and asked her again which colour she wanted.

“Both” she decided.  I poured  both colours out into the palatte for her.

” Mummy can’t paint!!” she fusses

” Of course dear, ” I replied” You got your brush upside down again. ”


Do your kids like doing art too?

Are they into colours?

Jenny MatlockMama’s Losin’ It