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English and Mandarin

English and Mandarin


I’m really glad that all of my kids are able to speak both English and Mandarin. These are the languages that are most commonly spoken in Asia and being Chinese ourselves it is important for us to know our mother tongue.

It is not easy for me to focus on them speaking both English and Mandarin at the same level as English is predominant in our family.

It is a challenge to get them speaking more Mandarin and even Cantonese  at home but is something that I m trying my best to do.

Here  are five reasons I’m Glad my Children Speak  both English and Mandarin

1. It is a must to be able to speak both languages in school.

Every kid is “effectively” bilingual in Singapore as we have to study English and our mother tongue.  Everyone here is Bilingual and in order to be able to communicate well with most people a good grasp in both languages is necessary.

2. They are able to learn and relate more to their Chinese heritage.

There is a difference reading a text in Mandarin and the same text after it has been translated into English. The overall meaning may be the same however when worded in Chinese it adds much more meaning and “richness” to the text.

3. They are able to understand and communicate with their elder relatives/ friends who do not speak English.

The kids great grandmother ( on their Dad’s side) only speaks  Cantonese and many of the  relatives there speak Mandarin or Cantonese and it is great that they are  able to talk to each other each time we go back to Hong Kong.

4. They are more open to different languages and cultures.

Coming from a bilingual/ multilingual speaking family and society they have grown up listening to a wide variety of music.  They are really into Korean Pop Music  at the moment and are aware of their unique customs and traditions.

5. They are on their way to become a Global Person

Most places in the world require people to speak English and/or Mandarin and by speaking both the kids have an advantage as they will be able to settle practically anywhere in the world and adapt to their own unique culture there.

What languages do your kids speak?

How do you help encourage them to use the

different languages?


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