Breastfeeding for 31 Months

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Breastfeeding didn’t really come naturally for me. the first time as it was prematurely ended at 6 months . I only had  success  from the  2nd time around with my #2- Doggie boy. I managed to breastfeed him and subsequently #3- Tiger girl   both for 31 months.

It could be said as a first time mother with Monkey boy I struggled with breastfeeding due to Ankyloglossia which was hereditary on my side of the family. I am a carrier and as a result all three kids have it.

Monkey boy had difficulty latching on and had to be supplemented with formula. His tongue tie was only released when he was 8 weeks old.  During that period of time I suffered from engorgement and bleeding nipples due to latching issues. Many naysayers, including my own parents, advised me to give up and switch to formula. I however, tried my best to carry on.

I tried pumping using both manual and electric pumps. It was really time consuming. By the time you finish a pumping session it was time for the next feeding session and the cycle was never ending.  I gave up in the end and went back to direct latching as pumping wasn’t working well for me and my supply also dwindled because of it.

I felt extremely exhausted as I wasn’t getting any sleep for days on end as Monkey boy was a baby who needed very little sleep.

It was a torture to breastfeed at that time and I  finally threw in the towel at 6 months once I reached the minimum length of time recommended by the major breastfeeding organisations.


Doggie boy back then

Doggie boy back then. Wasn’t he really chubby?

With #2 and #3 I was much more prepared. I spotted their tongue tie problem when they were newborns and had it rectified before we left the hospital. Both of them didn’t have any problems latching on and I enjoyed my bonding sessions while breastfeeding. I practiced baby led weaning with them and weaned them off breastfeeding when both of them were about  31 months old.

Breastfeeding is something which only us mothers can experience and enjoy. It is a unique opportunity for us to nourish our child both physically and mentally.  One shouldn’t be too bothered by others and their opinions on breastfeeding.  You are the mother and you know what is best for your own child.


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Justina and Family

Justina and Family

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