10 Thing About Monkey Boy


Sweet Shot Day Top Ten {Tuesday}


This week I’m focusing more on my first born as he adjusts  back to his school routine. It’s no longer  the honeymoon period in school as it’s pass the 6 months settling in window given to them for transition from Kindergarten to Primary school.

Here are 10 Random facts about him.

  1. He cut his first baby tooth at 7 old months and now at 7yrs old has just sprouted his first two permanent teeth.
  2. Started talking early at 9 months old and was able to sign and tell the others that he was  1 yr old when he was 13 months old.
  3. He loves reading up on Science and is fascinated by the planetary system.
  4. Is currently obsessed with the game Angry Birds and other racing games on FOG.com.
  5. Has started learning the piano since he was three years old and will most probably be sitting for his Grade 2 piano exam next year.
  6. He still loves playing with trains and cars even though I find it more suitable for younger kids.
  7. Is well-liked by his peers and gets along well with his classmates.
  8. Loves the colour red, yellow and orange.
  9. He can roller blade, swim and cycle and is currently learning badminton.
  10. Loves his younger brother and sister and loves hanging out with them